Thursday, January 9, 2014

This 'n' That, 1-9-14

Corey Quits

Kevin Levin reports Corey Meyer has been intimidated by a Confederate flag (and a lump of coal) enough to quit civil war blogging and take down his blog.

Sez Levin:
What I would like to know from Corey’s detractors and others in the Southern heritage community is whether they believe that this represented an appropriate use of the flag. We are constantly being lectured by this crowd that the meaning of the flag has been hijacked over the years by various individuals and groups. Well, where does this little act stand?

If you ask me, the very attempt to intimidate someone with a Confederate flag who has been labelled a threat to and enemy of Southern/Confederate heritage does little more than reinforce a growing belief among Americans across the country that the public display of this flag ought to be limited to private property.

These folks are their own worst enemies.
What folks?  I wonder why Levin didn't identify for us who did it ...

This is like deja vu all over again, ...I mean, when the excavator was stolen, BEFORE AN INVESTIGATION AND EVIDENCE GATHERING HAD EVEN STARTED, he posted, "Let’s be clear. There is absolutely no evidence that any individual or group opposed to this project is responsible." (I discussed that here.)

So Corey has quit flogging heritage folks. I understand. Nobody wants to be intimidated by a piece of cloth and a rock. I mean, Confederate-basher blogging ain't easy under the best of circumstances, even without, um, intimidation. Flogging is ten percent mental and the other half is malice.

I agree with most of what David Tatum posted at Kevin's flog:
I’m no fan of Corey, but given his track record he won’t quit blogging long.

Who ever pulled the stunt with the flag and coal “Does Not” represent The Southern Heritage Community ! I wouldn’t be surprised if Corey did it himself ! I’m not saying he did, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

As for your statement – “the very attempt to intimidate someone with a Confederate flag who has been labelled a threat to and enemy of Southern/Confederate heritage” You give Corey more credit than he deserves, he was never a threat and never will be, he is an annoyance who was never taken seriously.

Mark my words, “He will be blogging again soon” !
I do agree that he won't quit blogging for good. He will be back. He has quit before and started up again. He is simply too addicted to cyber-stalking and spying on Southern heritage folks (not to mention lying about them) to give it up permanently.

Phil and the Flag

Someone posted on the Due South Facebook group a link to a story about Phil Robertson rejecting the Confederate flag. My first response was, "Unfortunate." My second was, "It also occurs to me to wonder how accurately this is reported. Phil was lied about unmercifully regarding his GQ interview."

Someone else posted,"But this is a 'good thing' as far as the press is concerned...why make this up and how hard is it to take out of context?"

Well, it could be what a leftist would gleefully consider "payback" for all the Southerners, dupes and rednecks who stood by him.  But until  further info comes out about it, I'll take it at face value.

As one might expect, Simpson has weighed in on this and exhibits his thorough cluelessness by claiming heritage folks "backed the wrong horse." Which horse should we have backed? GLAAD? The NAACP? Sorry, no.

Simpson's cluelessness stems from the complete inability of someone (like floggers and floggerettes) who has a self-authorized thought-cop mentality to understand someone who does not.

If Phil were to start trying to dictate to others what it should mean to them, or denigrating Southern heritage groups, I might have a problem. I might even have a problem enough to contact him and let him know my views on it. But until he does that, which isn't likely, I will just say that Phil is my brother in Christ, and he can think whatever he wants -- free from judgment by me -- regarding  those areas where we disagree that are not covered by specific commandments.  Romans 15 offers instructions on how Christians should treat one another regarding non-doctrine issues about which there are no commands.

The only real point of interest -- or maybe point of carping -- Simpson brings up is his ham-handed attempt to show hypocrisy of Confederates standing up for Phil's right to express his views, but not standing up for Susan Hathaway's rights to express hers.  I can't speak for everyone, but I can certainly speak for myself. And I will say this. I know things about the situation Simpson presumably does not know that currently makes it a non-issue.


  1. Regarding Corey: Another clear example of how some people respond to honey and some respond to vinegar.

    Regarding Phil: Like you Connie, I have much more in common with him as a Christian. I vote to continue to not watch his rehearsed television show.

  2. I wish Corey had not quit his blog. He was quite the entertainment. Also, he was much more bearable than Simpson and Levin. I consider Brooks a dangerous stalker. I doubt Corey attempted to get people fired from their jobs like Simpson and Levin, but I could be wrong.

    Just my personal opinion here, but Simpson and Levin were much more deserving of what some person did to Corey...

  3. Johnny, I think all three are creepy and there's no telling what they do behind the scenes. As for dangerous ... there was a time I would have blown that off but now I'm not so sure....

    As for Phil, I love Duck Dynasty and I'll continue to watch it. I believe that Phil, unlike the floggers, doesn't hate white Southerners ... in fact, doesn't hate anybody.

  4. Let me clarify one point as a Christian, Connie. I do agree that Phil doesn't hate any body. And, I certainly don't believe his heart or the other guys' hearts are rehearsed. I'm just not a big fan of 'reality' shows.

    We disagree about watching the show. But, I don't doubt any of the deep beliefs that come out of the men's mouths. It comes out of the their hearts. And, their hearts are filled with Christ Jesus.

    I think A and E thought they could have scripted 'reality' show where the audience could laugh at the stars (White, Southern Christians) and it backfired on them. What A an E got between video takes was a loving, Christian family from the South that America could identify with in their hearts.

    I think the plot may be a little rehearsed, but I don't think the 'fillers' are faked at all. And, what 'fillers?' People who love Christ Jesus and love others. Not just with a family prayer, but with their actions coming out a saving Faith of knowing Christ Jesus.

  5. Question to Connie: How do I place an avatar on the right hand side of my posts? I'm still a little new to the blogging world...

  6. Johnny, to have an avatar, I think you have to join Google Plus and upload a photo to your profile.

  7. According to Levin's post there was a note attached. Maybe it was a threat.

  8. BR, could be. Corey said he was waiting to see the security camera video before deciding whether to call the cops. Why wait,I wonder.

    David Tatum has some good questions at his blog.

  9. Note how it was described by Levin- "...Confederate flag was hoisted up a flag pole."

    Wouldn't such a display be noticed by many- students, faculty, or others and wouldn't some of those report it to the local media? But I don't see any mention in the news.


    OK, I'm filled in now.

    Sounds like a prank by some local.

  11. RE Meyers.....I believe he made this incident up to give him an out and cover this tracks. Anybody that would create fake profiles and be a mole to try and hurt people is a liar and a creep. Good thing for him he slithered away.....I warned more post regarding myself...then I would have hunted him down to his place of employment. Good riddance...

  12. John Hall, I agree with the "good riddance" though I don't think it will last. He'll be back.

    As far as hunting him down at his place of employment -- is that literal? If so, then I have to disagree. Unless his place of employment is a party to what he's doing, I disagree. And if you "hunted him down" literally, what on earth would you do if you found him? If hunting him down at his place of work is figurative, what good do you imagine it would do?

  13. If these internet bullies think they can just take a post I made and re-post it on their blog (This Corey Myers slug did that to me) then it is open season on them. I do not mean physically or in time is too valuable. But if they intend on hurting my business or my character by saying bad things about me then they are fair game...eye for an eye......

  14. On some level, I'm glad this happened to Corey. We are just Gomer Pyles and Barney Fifes to these people. Perhaps now they will think twice about messing with us.


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