Sunday, January 26, 2014

HATE-FEST MARATHON at Crossroads Flog

Flogger hatred of VaFlaggers has reached a new high -- or would that be a new low? -- as they wallow in hate of their own spewing...for somebody who has done nothing to  them. The usual orgiastic joy in denigration is on conspicuous display with their comments about the intelligence of the people they hate. What does that do for them? Normal, healthy, decent people don't need to slosh around in such calumny in order to feel good about themselves. 

Yes, I have to wonder about the visceral hatred expressed by BParks for people who have never done a thing to her. Ditto Kristen Konate, who put her own address on Facebook and then accused two VaFlaggers of doing it -- a false accusation repeated by Brooks D. Simpson.

What would cause somebody to do such a thing? I have to tell ya, folks, I cannot relate to it at all. It is truly mystifying.

I might understand it if the VaFlaggers had attempted to hurt these people -- to ruin their reputations, to damage them financially, threaten them in some way. But what have Susan or Tripp done to BParks to earn the spitting, hissing, venomous hatred she belches at Crossroads?

Where are Susan's 133 posts fomenting hatred for Brooks D. Simpson the way he has been fomenting hatred for her, attempting to incite some lunatic to do -- well, goodness knows what would satisfy Simpson in that regard. Suffice it do say there are NO posts from Susan lying about him, harassing him, persecuting him, fomenting hatred for him, and attempting to incite some lunatic to action.

(And no, Simpson, Susan Hathaway doesn't read your feculent blog. People -- including myself -- sometimes relay information to her about filth, crap and slime you have posted about her and the VaFlaggers. But I suspect the number of times she's actually visited your repulsive blog could be counted on the fingers of one hand.)

What's truly fascinating is that they are so caught up in the pleasure of their hate-wallow, they don't realize they are showing to the world just how depleted of decency and integrity they are. I've written about Simpson exhibiting his lack of integrity numerous times ... but it's not just him. Does BParks not understand she's showing the world her lack of ethics when she says, "Don’t they know we have eyes everywhere? We’ve infiltrated their groups, Facebook pages, blogs etc. Nothing gets past us." I simply note that if they are infiltrating with false profiles, they are violating Facebook rules, and thus exhibiting again their lack of integrity.

And does she, and all the rest of them, not realize that decency and integrity trumps intelligence? The Nazis were smart, ya know?

Now ... I'm the first to admit I there may be things I don't know that would have a bearing on this circumstance. So, if anybody knows of something harmful or objectionable the VaFlaggers have done to the floggers and/or floggerettes, that would justify, or even halfway explain, flogger/floggerette odium,  please, post in in the comments. What evil thing has Tripp done to Andy Hall, Brooks Simpson, Kevin Levin or any of their followers to cause such an outpouring of sheer meanness for him

Similarly, what has Susan Hathaway done to Brooks Simpson to earn the animosity, the lies, the harassment, the bullying, the persecution he has been aiming at her for TWO FLIPPIN YEARS. WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO HIM THAT JUSTIFIES HIS HATE AND HARASSMENT,  AND HIS EGGING ON HIS FOLLOWERS TO THE SAME HATRED?

Yes, these are rhetorical questions, because EVERYONE KNOWS, including the haters, harassers, and persecutors at Crossroads and other flogs, that the VaFlaggers have done NOTHING to Brooks D. Simpson or any of his demented followers.


  1. Connie, the fact is the floggers are all about hate.
    Hatred of Southern heritage and the fact that anyone takes pride in being a Confederate descendant.
    I don't think its simply a matter of these people being influenced by Hollywood stereotypes and misinformation.
    I think these people full well either do not see any distinction between racist groups and Southern heritage supporters, or they do know but we still fall short of their "progressive" views of the world and are thus legitimate targets of their hatred in their shallow minds.

    People like Simpleton, B. Parks, Libertylamp, and the other tools and trolls who feed off each other there are just bullies full of so much self-hatred they feel the need to turn their mental sickness onto others to raise their own miserable self-esteem.
    It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic. These people are parodies of humanity.

  2. The simple fact is, their really are only (2) sources of influence on man, you are either receptive to God's influence for good, or if you do not believe in or except Godly Influence, all others are susceptible only then to the Influence of Satan.

    Yes, I know, most of you will laugh and ridicule, but this is the fact of the matter. Folks like Brooks Simpson, Jimmy Dick, BParks, Andy Hall, Corey Meyer, and the throngs of others, who will criticize those such as the Virginia flaggers and other worthy citizens who dare to honor their Southern ancestors, as they show love and respect for all the hardships that Lincoln and his Federal invading army caused the
    Southern people, are in the latter Satan group, Nothing else explains the poison they have for the South and it's great heritage. To be Southern is only available to some, and to have the heritage that goes with this birth, is beyond riches, it cannot be purchased, traded, or bartered for.
    So little men like Brooks Simpson and the others previously noted, cringe at the knowledge of their ancestors history as it is written, they were the invaders, the attackers, the people who invaded the South to stop the South from becoming independent, and they know the terrible crimes these men committed on the Southern people, the burning of houses, farms, rapes, looting, and murder that the Yankee army committed, and they want to erase any record of these things and to teach the uninformed that this did not happen. Well, thats too damn bad Brooks, you are now a part of this effort, and all know what you stand for, and it is very dark indeed.


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