Friday, January 17, 2014

Cover Flat Mockup for Smallfoot

This is mainly just for testing the layout. The back blurb is not the actual blurb, which hasn't been written yet. This is actually the preliminary script for a video trailer. But it fits, for the purposes of checking the layout.

Will be looking for music, sound effects and images (already have quite a few that will work) when I get to the whiskey plank stage (completion of first draft).
A blinding rainstorm ... terrifying, red-eyed creatures ... a crash into a flooded ditch...  Will Leslie Hoffman survive the trip to her new job? Is her gorgeous, taciturn rescuer trustworthy, or another danger?

Chris Dupree -- misogynistic, semi-reclusive, blind to his loneliness. Can sweet, genial Leslie revive his dormant heart?

A young man found in an irreversible coma... a grieving brother obsessed with learning the cause... a shrewd PI hired to ferret out the truth.

Does a profoundly psychotic patient hold the answers? And will he reveal them in time to save Leslie from the same fate?
Smallfoot is a Southern Heroes Novel, which is not necessarily a series...just a designation. Nearly all the men in this story are Southern men and they are heroes of one kind or another, but the hero of this story is Chris Dupree -- the male lead.

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