Friday, January 10, 2014

Cluelessness and Motive

The Obsessed Professor continues his obsessive series with another post about ... me! What a surprise, huh?  His blog is whirling like a top from the ultra-spin he's put on my recent posts about multiculturalism. It should settle any question (for those who have one) about whether he knows he's lying or not.

He's knows. His cluelessness is artificial, self-created and self-imposed.

There is no question that the doctrine of multiculturalism exists. There is no question that it is used by leftist cultural elites to radically alter western culture. There is no question that its basis is the leftist perception that western culture is too white, too successful and too wealthy.

The cultural elites consistently equate multicultural with multiracial. To people like Simpson, it is "racist" to notice and comment on this. When this is pointed out, they lamely mumble something about women's rights and, for goodness sake, ethnic foods.

My comments say clearly what they say. There is no misunderstanding them, no need for interpreting them. He IS "interpreting" them -- putting a false interpretation on them -- because they don't say what he wants them to say, and don't mean what he wants them to mean. (Otherwise, all he'd have to do is post a link to them, or copy/paste them intact, without commentary, on his blog.)

Throughout his critique, he has thrown not only his own intellect and integrity under the bus in order to put forth his false spin, but those of his readers and commenters, as well. Why? Why would anyone assassinate their own intellect and integrity this way?

When you get to the end of his current spinning-top critique, his motive comes through, loudly, clearly and unmistakably. Smearing the Virginia Flaggers, whom he hates. This is where the true fear and loathing resides.

My comments, as written, don't have to be explained, as they are perfectly clear -- but, as they are written,  they aren't smear material. That is why they "require" post after post at his flog, where they are rewritten into smear-worthy material.

Yes, he knows exactly what he's doing. What you have to wonder is -- does he truly not realize that we know what he's doing, too?


  1. Simple Simpson, is a Coward, and while that is such a simple term, it represents him, and most Liberals.

    These Liberals who have no other manner in which to combat people and issues they cannot control, so They attack, they use distortion, mistruths, and downright lies to try and discredit the Virginia Flaggers and others who are in support of their Confederate Heritage.

    They must be raging inside, as I smile and sip my Royal Crown Cola, I luv these things, and ponder when SIMPO will explode and we will have to spend a day discussing how it all happened.

    He could solve all of his problems, take my advice Simpo,just go get laid, with a woman I mean, and then do it again to make sure that it really happened. Yeah, I think his male buddies could use the same medicine, man, did I say that this Royal Crown cola was good.

  2. Connie, I tried reading Simpson's blog again, but I just can't do it. It's just rambling nonsense. I think he's gone off the deep end...


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