Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just a Reminder

I am an admirer and supporter of Southern/Confederate heritage in general, and the Virginia Flaggers specifically. I am not a Virginia Flagger. I am not a spokesperson for the Virginia Flaggers. They send me content via email for me to format and upload to their blog. I do not write any of it.

They have made me an honorary VaFlagger due to my voluntarily maintenance of their blog -- and due to my defense of them, on my own blogs and elsewhere, from lies, malicious attacks, harassment, hatred and persecution by floggers and their followers, primarily Brooks D. Simpson.

Most of my information about the VaFlaggers comes from Facebook -- from their group and individual pages -- and other sources on the net.  On a very few occasions, I have contacted members of the VaFlaggers to verify facts or obtain information before writing about it and posting it. But I keep such contact to a minimum, as I am well aware that the demands on their time -- particularly Susan's -- are great, and I am reluctant to encroach on it. I have access to very little information that is not available to the general public.

My writings, which appear on my blogs and elsewhere, are my thoughts, for which I am solely responsible. They originate with me. Simpson's odious attempts to smear the VaFlaggers by attributing my beliefs and writings to them is, in my opinion, a clear (but unsurprising) breach of ethics.

Posted for those who prefer truth to lies, malicious attacks, harassment and persecution.  C.Ward

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