Friday, July 10, 2015

A few days off

I have a pretty severe infection of my right hand from a cat scratch. Badly swollen and hurts like a sonofagun. Doc gave me an antibiotic that seems somewhat unenthusiastic about doing its job. Pain killer, hydrocodone, is better at making me violently nauseated than easing pain. But I'm struggling on.  For a while I had to type one-handed, like archy. Now I can use my right hand sparingly, but just a little typing makes it ache like a sunofagun. Sooo frustrating because soooo much needs to be written about the cultural genocide of Confederate heritage. Hope to be back up to speed soon.

Stay tuned!

Flipper, sweet boy, my baby, the scratcher. He didn't mean to... Per call from county,
he's under "house watch" for ten days, but he's not rabid. Besides, it was a scratch, not a bite.


  1. Any guesses about why Brooks Simpson would download a picture of my cat?

    1. Because its the only pussy he can get?
      (Connie I know that was crude but someone had to say it....and I'm glad I got it out of my system, Pfft!) LOL!


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