Sunday, July 12, 2015

Once Again, Simpson Shows How Puerile He Is

Like a three-year old, he  thinks if he doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist/hasn't happened.

Of course, one can hardly blame him for not knowing a lot of what's going on with me, since I have blocked his access to my Facebook timeline. He doesn't know, for example, a lot of my time last week, working with an impaired hand, was spent editing a heritage video, preparing to make remarks at the county commission meeting and networking (meeting lots of local folks on- and offline who are getting involved in heritage defense) and more.

And he doesn't know about this.

Already have some great ideas in mind and I hope to get to the bad PR for Pensacola this week (in between flagging, handbill creation, rally planning and much, much more). Can't wait for the mayor and city council to see it.

It is so much fun to watch Simpson make his big, really wrong pronouncements based on woefully inadequate information....

Hey, Sump -- I mean, Simp. Since you can't see most, if any, of my Facebook posts, keep an eye out here so you can see my bad PR for Pensacola memes when I get to them! I'll be sure and put them on Backsass.


  1. Connie,

    I would be honored if you let me assist you with some factual research.


  2. Thanks, George. I may call on you soon.

  3. The city of New Orleans is planning to remove statues of Confederate leaders, rename highways, &c....but I suppose they're going to leave ole slave-owning, Indian-slaughtering Andy Jackson in place.

    We need some sort of boycott of that city. Don't visit /don't buy.

    1. Actually, most of these monuments are on the "National Register of Historic Places" and are protected by law. And there are many other Confederate monuments and memorials on that register. What the Mayor of New Orleans and many others across the South are aiming to do is probably illegal.

      Typing "Confederate" in the resource name block gives 101 sites. But there could be many other CW related sites that don't have "Confederate" in the title -

    2. ...such as Stone Mountain in Georgia.

  4. I can see the day coming when nothing -- not the national register, not the law of the land -- can protect our treasured artifacts from the haters and destroyers....


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