Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hatin', Harassin' and Persecutin' at XRoads Continues Unabated

Simpson's keeping up a steady drum beat of hate for Susan and the VaFlaggers. Two posts in a row full of lies about "silence."  Sez he: The silence from Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers about their association with Raymond Agnor and about speculation about the identity of Anonymous CSA is deafening.

But she's not silent about it, Simp. Just because you're DYING to know more about it, and nobody's telling you doesn't mean there is silence about it.

We know that Susan Hathaway and Connie Chastain are friends. Heck, Connie’s posted evidence of their exchanges on her blog, where they were agreeing on strategy in light of the death of Anthony Hervey.

Strategy? I simply noted that people needed to wait for the official investigation's findings before making assumptions, a position (not a strategy; good lord) that Susan happened to agree with. Simpson is such a conspiracy theorist in reverse.  He's probably overjoyed with Jade Helm, can't WAIT for Obama's third term, and wonders eagerly when he'll get microchipped.....

So we know that if we were off base about either Agnor or Anonymous CSA, we’d hear about it in a series of cackling screeching posts, much like this...

Poor Simp. He's so desperate for attention he's willingly making a fool of himself.  Simp, ol' buddy,  you're so far off base, you're not on the field. Not in the ballpark, really... actually, not even on the flippin' planet.

But what has Chastain said about Anonymous CSA?

I have said that law enforcement found that no laws were violated and no threats were made. That being the case, I basically don't CARE who it is.

And what has she said about Raymond Agnor’s association with the Virginia Flaggers?

I have said he agreed to let them put a flag up on his property.

It appears that Susan Hathaway wants to remain silent in the face of evidence of discrimination against her fellow Virginia Flagger, Karen Cooper.

It appears that way to you because you don't have access to what Susan says. Oh, and actually, there's a really good chance that Karen (1) would not be discriminated against by Mr. Agnor, or excluded from any Flagger events on his property and (2) judging by her views she's posted on Facebook, she probably agrees with him about the Ferguson and Baltimore rioters....

Why she would choose to involve the Flaggers with someone with Mr. Agnor’s views is best left for her to explain.

So he doesn't want racial violence and property damage on his land. What awful views to have. Everyone knows if minorities rioted in Gilbert, Arizona, Simp would be standing in front of his house, saying, "Please, please, come burn my house and car, so the world will know I'm not racist!"

I suspect Susan knows a lot more about his views than y-o-u do, and she isn't using him to drum up hate for anybody the way you are.

Then again, we know two ways in which the Virginia Flaggers and the Sons of Confederate Veterans are one and the same: [1] They both claim they don’t tolerate racism and discrimination based on race. [2] Neither is telling the truth.

Nah, we just don't buy into your false, fabricated, means-whatever-you-want-it-to concept of racism.

 Simp continues, Susan Hathaway may be silent when it comes to Raymond Agnor or Anonymous CSA... But she isn't silent. He just doesn't have access to what she says.

He berates her for singing the Virginia State Song, which was written by a black man. Sez he:
We appreciate that Susan likes to identify with “darkeys,” as people once called African Americans. We hope that she still identifies with African Americans as she addresses Mr. Agnor’s restrictions barring black people from his land (although Connie Chastain seems just fine with such exclusions). After all, the Flaggers owe that respect to their colleague, Karen Cooper.

Simpson wants to see Mr. Agnor's property overrun, his home burned, maybe Mr. Agnor himself injured or killed, because he disapproves of Mr. Agnor's disapproval of mob riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, and wishes to avoid the same destruction where he lives.

Karen told us that slavery’s a choice, Susan. So’s your silence. But she's not silent, Simp. Just because you don't have access to what she says, that doesn't mean she's silent.

So’s your song and lyrics choice. (State song ... written by a black man).

We know people by the choices they make.

We know some people by more than their choices. We know you, for example, by your (1) hate (295 posts or comments about the VaFlaggers in three and a half years) and (2) lies and (3) denigration, harassment and persecution and (4) desire to see people you don't like come to harm.
  Simpson's Theme Song
Dedicated to Susan, the Virgina Flaggers and heritage folks across the country
 (Too bad there aren't any Spocks in Gilbert to pinch his chubby little shoulder....)


  1. Ms Connie
    Here are the arringments for Mr. Hervey.
    Notice from Anthony’s local attorney Charles E. Yow II:

    Compatriots, you are invited to attend the funeral of Anthony Hervey on Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 2PM at the First Baptist Church of Oxford, Mississippi where Mr. Hervey was a member. First Baptist is located at 800 Van Buren Ave, Oxford, MS 38655.
    Arrangements are being handled by Seven Oaks Funeral Home out of Water Valley, MS. Further details about events (including the funeral procession) taking place on August 2 will be announced shortly via Anthony Hervey Funeral Facebook page. All events will take place in Oxford, MS and no visitation will be held at the funeral home.

    His death, on Sunday, July 19th, appears to be because of the way he lived his life. Mr. Hervey and a companion, Arlene Barnum of Enid, Oklahoma were returning from a Confederate Flag celebration in Birmingham, Alabama when his car was forced off the road near Oxford by a carload of men who apparently were chasing him down. The Ford Explorer he was driving skidded and then rolled over several times, killing Hervey and injuring Ms. Barnum.

    Hervey was well known as an unapologetic defender of the Confederacy and its symbols. He often appeared on television and radio stating his opinions and debating with any and all. He was the author of “Why I Wave the Confederate Flag: Written by a Black Man.”

    We ask that every member pray for justice, understanding, and especially for the family of Mr. Hervey as they endure his passing. We also asked prayers for the brave Arlene Barnum as she heals from the attack. Both she and Mr. Hervey had family members who fought for the Confederacy.

    The account is now set up for anyone who wishes to send money. Thanks to everyone in advance.

    Justice for Anthony Hervey
    517 So. Lamar Blvd.
    Oxford, MS 38655
    **Please make checks payable to Justice For Anthony Hervey**
    Thanks again one and all. You may never know how much this is appreciated.

    Please feel free to share this invitation with any groups that may wish to join with us in celebrating the life of a truly unyielding Southern Patriot.

    Donations to assist with funeral expenses can also be given online Here.

    Donations to help with final expenses and family can be given online at the Widow fund Here.

    1. Connie,

      May I post to Cold Southern----



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