Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What You WON'T See at XRoads or Restore Honor

...or any other hate blogs...


Over on his hate blog, Simpson sez, "Screeching Connie Chastain said on her hate blog that we would not cover this story." Well, no, what I was talking about was my FB comments (which I brought here to Backsass so the floggers could see them) urging heritage folks to wait for the investigation results. People were claiming all sorts of things based on a couple of very short tweets from a woman who had just been in a horrible vehicle accident.

Simpson, of course, would likely have covered the accident, but he wouldn't have mentioned my urging people to wait for the results of the investigation if I hadn't predicted that he wouldn't. He has a history of posting what I predict he won't post -- after my prediction, so he can falsely claim I "lied." So, as is his perverse nature, he took the screenshot of my FB comments to his blog.

It is as plain as day that I was talking about my comments, not the news story, because I truncated the story. If I had been talking about that, I would have posted the entire thing, plus a link.

He is soooooooo transparent.

And I was right. None of the other flogger hate blogs I monitor has mentioned my urging caution and waiting for the investigation's findings. 


 He's gone absolutely berserk now, saying I bragged about blocking him on FB so he can't see what I post there, but then chiding him for not commenting on them... at least, I think that's the discombobulated story he's trying to get across.

I brought the above screenshot to Backsass so the floggers could see my comments, and then I predicted Simpson would ignore the screenshot because my comments do not fit with his longstanding lying and mischaracterizing me. And, just because he's perverse that way, he did mention them, and has proceeded to lie about me because he can't stand the truth showing his lies to be lies.

Also, note how quickly he lapses into glib, fluent denigration of my intelligence, one of his hallmark methods of attacking Southern heritage folks. I just note that the kind of marginalizing he's attempting with such attacks (falsely demeaning intelligence) is one of the commonest ways a dominant or power-holding group sets up another group for oppression, ostracization, mistreatment and, in some cases, extinction.


  1. Didn't the lady also say they were being yelled at? That would be just a tad more than being chased.


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