Friday, July 24, 2015

The Simpson Hypocrisy Just Keeps On Coming

Over at his hate'n'denigrate blog, XRoads, Brooks Simpson asks, "Does Ben Jones Respect the Confederate Flag?"
Most people familiar with American popular culture as rendered through television know something about “The Dukes of Hazzard.” That show has been in the news in recent weeks, when a television network specializing in reruns decided not to air it any more.

That sparked some controversy. Leading the charge was someone near and dear to readers of this blog, Ben Jones, who played “Cooter” the mechanic in the show. Ben’s had a colorful career since then, including serving in the United Sates House of Representatives. He’s currently the chief of heritage operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, coming aboard just as the SCV had to confront the removal of replica Confederate flags from Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University.I also know that he continues to be proud of his work on “The Dukes of Hazzard,” including lending the name of his character to a string of stores known as “Cooter’s Place.” These stores are owned by Ben and his wife, so he ought to know what they sell.

Thus it occurred to me to find out what sort of Confederate flags are sold by the store owned by the man who is the chief of heritage operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Simpson' then posts a bunch of Confederate flags images with deer and an Indian and the word "Redneck" and other motifs I mentioned in this post, The  Confederate Flag -- the Symbol of the South

In the comments at XRoads, he sez,
"I note that Connie Chastain has decided to share her opinion, for what it’s worth. She has no problem with the chief of heritage operations for the SCV selling these sorts of flags..."
Bald. Faced. Lie

Read my post I've linked to above and and try to find where I have said I have "no problem with the chief of heritage operations for the SCV selling these sorts of flags." You can't because I didn't say it. I didn't mention Mr. Jones at all.

Simpson continues,
"She points out that there are US national color equivalents (in a desperate effort to screech and whine about hypocrisy, the usual Chastain way).  I don’t think either the US flag or the CSA flag should be treated this way
But he didn't say so until I pointed out the same motifs on the US flag. Ooopsie!
"Apparently Chastain does."
Does what?  Think either flag should be treated this way? Well, if HE didn't say it before I posted those flag images, why should I?  Besides, I DID say I disapproved of those motifs being on Confederate flags.
(I don’t see how that’s hypocritical).
It's hypocritical because he ignored how the US flag is besmirched with these motifs -- didn't mention a syllable about it, until I brought it up. Besides, his purpose wasn't to defend Confederate flags but to denigrate Ben Jones, the SCV, Confederate heritage, the Confederacy and everyone in it and the whole flippin' South, past and present (except for protected minorities).

He continues,
" Otherwise she’d take Jones on."
I would? Why? I don't have the typical flogger thought-cop/police-state mentality Simpson does.  I may not like how the flags are dishonored by those motifs, but that's the sort of thing you have to put up with if you live in a country that protects free expression -- and our country, which does that, hasn't completely collapsed yet. It's close and our constitutional freedoms are eroded more all the time, but that one is still in effect.

Besides, why doesn't Simpson take Jones on? He says he doesn't think either flag should be treated that way ... so if he hasn't contacted Mr. Jones about selling that stuff, why not?  Why is it more my responsibility than his?
"Guess she’s skeered …"
I guess he is. But more than likely, he hates the Confederate flag and doesn't care whether it's dishonored.
"...just like she continues to be skeered about suggestions that Tripp Lewis is Anonymous CSA. The silence of the Virginia Flaggers and their screeching mouthpiece on this issue is telling. They must be skeered indeed."
Why should I be skeered of that? If it IS Tripp, I have a suggestion for him. In the couple of videos I've seen, the mask or whatever it is appears to be turned slightly to its left.  Point the mask directly toward the camera. Also, keep it still, it doesn't need to "float." The only movement needed is for the camera  to slooooowly zoom in and then to sloooowly zoom back out. 
Reports out of Virginia (here and here) suggest that somebody claiming to act on behalf of Confederate heritage has decided that the best way to do it is by terrorizing others. Apparently someone or some group, styling themselves “Anonymous CSA,” used social media to threaten three people in Virginia targeted for their supposed hostility to Confederate heritage.
Terrorizing? Threaten? And yet reported that state police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said the video ... did not violate any laws. “No direct or immediate threat was made,” she said.

Hmmm.... did not violate any laws ... and ... no direct or immediate threat was made... Hmmmm....

Doesn't look like there's anything to be skeered of, to me.


Simpson sez, "Connie Chastain doesn’t think that releasing personal information constitutes a threat. Good to know."

He should know. He released personal information about Susan Hathaway....

Actually what I think is what I said -- that it doesn't look like there's anything to be scared of regarding the Anonymous CSA video.  And the reason it looks that way is because the state police -- not I but the  FLIPPIN' STATE POLICE IN VIRGINIA -- SAID THERE WERE NO LAWS VIOLATED AND NO THREATS MADE.

Besides, as far as I know, no personal information was actually released.

Maybe Simpson knows different. If he does, perhaps he should notify the authorities in Virginia. But of course, that isn't what really concerns him. Smearing people he doesn't like is what he focuses on....

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  1. The obsession that Simpleton and his useful idiots have over you and the VA flaggers never ceases to amaze me Connie. One would think a tenured professor of history would have far better things to do with his time than spend it wondering about the identity of some internet clown in a mask, or a small group of protesters who - by his own admission - have accomplished very little in terms of getting the MOC to restore the flags to the Chapel and raised several large poles since they arrived on the scene.


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