Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tempest In a Tea Pot

MConnor, Morguefile
Well, no. More like tempest in a tea cup.

Fellow by the name of Ray Agnor owns some land near Lexington, Virginia. Some months ago, he agreed to have the Virginia Flaggers raise a large battle flag on the land, visible from a busy highway.

Several days ago, an ad purchased by Mr. Agnor ran in the Lexington News-Gazette. In part, the ad prohibited blacks and democrats from entering his property "because of all the trouble" they are causing.

Well, as you can imagine, Confederacy haters and destroyers had a field day with the ad, screeching that Mr. Agnor was a racist, yadda yadda yadda. The usual suspects -- the floggers and their sick-o-fants --  got even more ridiculous, claiming that Virginia Flagger Karen Cooper was being singled out for discrimination and none of her Flagger friends was sticking up for her.

I don't know the landowners who the Virginia Flaggers lease their Interstate Flag sites from. I've seen a couple of them identified by name in Facebook posts, but I don't remember their names now. I had never heard Mr. Agnor's name until the ludicrous furor over the ad erupted in the hate-and-destroy sector of the Floggosphere.

Nor do I know why he ran the ad, but some speculation has occurred to me, based on what's been happening recently. And I have no doubt why Simpson pounced on it and blogged about it and then tweeted this:
Since he seems to be unaware of what's been happening since Nikki Haley started the most recent anti-Confederate hate-and-destroy campaign, I tweeted a response to his ridiculous tweet and 'splained it to him.
In a report in the Richmond Times-Disgrace, Mr. Agnor also cites the recent Ferguson and Baltimore riots. I don't know if his running the ad was prompted by actual threats of property damage, re: the #noflaggingcampaign but at this point, very little would surprise me. I've already blogged about the property damage the #noflaggingcampaign is perpetrating and encouraging, here.

Here are a couple more videos showing the #noflagging challenge. (Note: despite the title of the video, there's no indication  that the driver of the  black pickup truck is a KKK member.) THIS is the real story the denizens of the floggosphere are determined to ignore, preferring to focus on a flippin' newspaper ad that's basically harmless.  You will NOT see them address this lawlessness ... or, if they do, they will blame the victims and make excuses for the perps.

We are entering a period of increasing lawlessness, aided and abetted by the government at all levels, up to and including the White House.  I hope I'm wrong and Mr. Agnor -- and all those engaged in the fight to save Confederate heritage -- will be safe from harm, but things aren't looking too great right now.


Simpson thinks he needs to 'splain it to me.... "Mr. Agnor specifically bars black people from his property, and Karen Cooper is African America ..."

No! Really????

" ... the Virginia Flaggers have remained silent, and they have not defended Cooper ... "

Karen hasn't been attacked, and the Virginia Flaggers have been far, far to busy to pay attention to this, the latest failure in Simpson's long trail of failed smear campaigns.

"... we suspect that if we were wrong, Hathaway would tell Chastain immediately, and let Chastain do the heavy hitting..."  Doubtful. My observation is that Susan has to think something is important before she spends time on it. And Simpson just isn't important. Besides, these days, she's just too busy to pay attention -- meeting  herself coming and going up there in Virginia....

Oh, and Simpson, if the Virginia Flaggers were to hold an event/gathering around the flag on Mr. Agnor's property, I have no doubt that Karen would be as welcome there as any other Virginia Flaggers.

See, this is what happens when you make huge, sweeping, all-encompassing smear-judgments about people you don't know based on a few lines of text.

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