Monday, July 27, 2015

The Double Standards of the Hate-and-Destroy Crowd

The hate-blogger at "Destroy the Honor" blog has compared various proConfederate flag rallies with a Greek Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn because they have all had food drives in conjunction with their rallies.

What the hate-blogger doesn't tell you is that the non-perishables collected by proflag groups will be going to existing local food pantries which provide the food to whoever needs it, while Golden Dawn's food collections were distributed to Greeks only.

This shouldn't be too hard for the hate-blogger to find out because I found info about it in a few moments of internet searching, and I had never heard of Golden Dawn before that race-obsessed blogger mentioned it.

Amazing how he can constantly comb social media looking for the SPLC-like "links and ties" he believes proves "racism" and "white supremacy" in people he doesn't like because they honor Confederate heritage, but he couldn't find (or did find but dishonestly refused to mention) this yawning gulf of difference between the Greeks and the Southerners...

In other news, maybe this is what Mr. Agnor was hoping to prevent with his "racist" ad? 

How is his attempt to protect his property somehow worse than what actually happened in Pascagoula, shown above -- arson and spray-paint vandalism reported by WXXV Channel 23.

And will we see ANYbody at any of the hate-and-destroy flogger flogs condemn this sort of destruction? What would it take to get these people to see -- and admit -- that there are things worse than racism?

More specifically, has anybody seen Brooks Simpson condemn or repudiate the #noflaggingcampaign thugs for destroying property and beating people up just for displaying Confederate flags? I sure haven't so I guess that means he hasn't done so, and that means he approves of the destroying and beating.

After all, it is a long-standing position at his hate blog that if you don't say you are against something, that means you are for it. I haven't seen where he has said he's against the mostly black thuggery aimed at mostly white Confederate heritage supporters, so I guess that means he's for it.

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