Monday, July 13, 2015

"Keep It On Private Property" They Said

"We don't care what you with it on your own private property...."

Click the links below images to see videos they were taken from.  Documented theft and confessed (bragged about) theft. Reports, images and videos such as these are increasingly showing up on Facebook and elsewhere.

Blatant theft from a private residence
Update: Reports indicate that likely this incident occurred in Sarasota, Florida. It has been called into the police there hundreds of times and the video has been viewed 5 million times.

Blatant theft from a vehicle (thief was lucky there weren't any traffic accidents)
Thiefs are heroes now. Who will be the next heroes? Rapists? Murderers?

Bragging on theft of flag from vehicle 

Obviously, claims of not caring what people did with the flag on private property were lies. What else is being lied about?

What I'm looking forward to seeing are the justifications for this kind of behavior, and whether such criminal behavior will be taken seriously, and the perps punished. If not, no private property is safe.


From The Blaze:
The New Social Media Campaign That’s Encouraging People
to Trespass on Private Property and Tear Down Confederate Flags

Expect more, and worse, lawlessness, folks.


  1. It's sad they do not know their own history...

    New Orleans Times, February 28, 1867-

    "The error and infatuation of the Radicals in regard to the loyalty and Unionism of the negroes during the late rebellion would be laughable and ludicrous, if the practical consequences of the delusion were not so grave and serious. Every man who lived in the South during the war, knew that during the prevalence of the enthusiasm for "the independence of the South," and indeed, so long as this country was held by the Confederates, there was no class of our population, which was more clamorous and earnest for the war against the so-called invading "Yankees" than our colored people, "bond and free." When volunteer companies were being raised, the slaves clustered around their masters and entreated permission to accompany them to the field. Many ran away to join their masters or the sons of their masters, and served with them during the war. The armies of the Confederacy were cumbered by crowds of them. They would have volunteered en masse if they had been called on to fight under "the Bonnie blue flag." When they were refused, the great majority of them remained at home to protect and support the families of their masters whilst they were absent in the field. To aid the Confederate cause they volunteered by thousands, whilst the great majority of those who afterwards joined the Federal armies were either pressed or inveighed into the service.

    In this city we had some striking illustrations of these well known historical facts. In the organization of the forces for the defence of the city and State, that very respectable and useful class of our population, the free men of color, volunteered en masse....There could be no mistake in the sincerity of the men who composed this regiment; they had equipped themselves at their own expense. They came forward to join their white citizens in the Confederate cause of their own free-will, without any pressure, influence or even solicitation....In addition to this regiment, there was a battalion of free colored people, commanded by old Jordan, the veteran drummer....Jordan and his men were particularly fierce and demonstrative against "the Yankees," as they styled the United States troops. When the first batch of Federal prisoners were brought to this city from Manassas, the commander of the troops in the city was asked for a detail to guard them from the depot to the prison. Old Jordan volunteered for this duty, and warmly solicited the command of the detail. When he was refused, he ordered out his battalion and paraded the streets in expectation of participating "in the honor of guarding the first Yankee prisoners," and had to be ordered away by the officer in command of the guard.

    We refer to these among a thousand similar incidents, not with any expectation that they will arrest or correct one of the myriad of fictions of which the histories and the political harangues and partisan theories of the day are chiefly composed--but merely to refresh and keep alive facts that may serve a useful purpose and aid to the honest historian in the future, who may seek to give to posterity the true version of the events of the last five years of excitement, madness and fanaticism."

    1. There are people today who will clamp their eyes shut and stick their fingers in their ears and scream, "Lalalalala!" to keep from knowing truths like this.

  2. We all know it's only a matter of time until one of these fine upstanding citizens gets shot or run over while taking down a flag, and you can bet the 6:00 pm news will be all over it complete with an interview of the grieving mother wanting to know why her child is dead.
    And at 11:00 you will be able to know the life story of the flag thief and the flag owner, and you can bet it will be twisted to make the flag owner the bad guy.

    1. Somebody posted video to a group I'm in of some black punks stealing a flag off a truck and then throwing bricks at the truck -- the videographer was on their side, shooting from inside his vehicle and offering a running commentary.

      This proConfederate group has thousands of members, and in the thread following the video, about five or six out of those thousands started mouthing crap like, "Let 'em try that with me, they'll get blown away" and similar big talk, complete with racial slurs, and they were pounced on soundly by other members of the group. We explained that self-defense is one thing, but taking a human life over property damage is a far greater wrong than the property damage. A couple of people came to their defense, but after some discussion, I think we got the point across. Idiots can be found in all groups.


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