Thursday, July 23, 2015

Floggers, Haters and Destroyers Gotta Hate This!

We asked people at a nearby gas station what they thought, but out of all the locals and people passing through, we couldn't find anyone with something negative to say about it."   Dante Renzulli, CBS-46 News
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Spotted in Wyoming



  1. There's supposed to be a flag in the Wyoming Cattlemen's Association club. A lot of Texans went up there after the war. They're heavily associated with the cattle and oil businesses up that way.

  2. Giant "Unity Flag" project is a gigantic failure. Only $4,381 in pledges out of proposed $65,000 necessary for project-

  3. To all-

    Two important events this weekend.
    Please attend if you can.

    Georgia State Flag Rally
    Stone Mountain, GA, August 1

    Keep it Flying! Danville Southern Heritage Celebration & Rally
    Danville, VA, August 2

  4. Danville, VA

    Last time around they said they didn't have the legal authority to remove the flag. What changed?

  5. Good-

    "Fred Taylor, an attorney with Bush & Taylor PC, sent Danville City Attorney Clarke Whitfield a letter today warning that his clients will “pursue any and all legal remedies available to them” if the Confederate flag at the Sutherlin Mansion is removed.

    Taylor told Whitfield that the 1994 agreement between the city and the Heritage Preservation Association is specific that the obelisk, flagpole and Third National Flag of the Confederacy are all part of a veterans memorial and that state law prohibits alteration of any kind to such a monument...."


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