Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Simpson Believes...

..."If it's on the Internet, it must be true!" At least, he pretends to, but it's just an act, so he can fabricate some hate/denigrate/destroy material. It's been fun watching his blood-in-the-water, shark-style response to the anti-Confederate tsunami, and his approval of the lawlessness** that has resulted (stealing flags off private property, vandalizing monuments) but I'm way too busy to spend much time on it.

I have a growing list of things I want to do in response to the hate-and-destroy mission against Confederate history underway now. I've started a few of the items on it. I've made graphic memes -- one purpose of memes being to send a sometimes big message in few, and sometimes no, words -- and I plan to do many more. I've also edited a video for the VaFlaggers (Simp lies again and says they're "that group she has nothing to do with" implying I've said that, when my actual claim is that I'm not an official spokesperson for the group. As an aside, his followers know this; do none of them have enough integrity to call him out about lies like this?).

Another new project I've started is typesetting pdf handbills for people to print and hand out at rallies and such -- made available in groups on FB, for now. On my to-do-as-I-get-time list is buying a domain name and making a website where those and other files will be downloadable ('cuz I hate using/document sharing re: Google Docs).

After putting up an "avoid South Carolina" graphic at FB, in the discussion that followed, I posted on July 12th, "If the city council in Pensacola doesn't shape up, I'm going to mount a one-woman bad PR effort for this place aimed at tourists." Presumably Simpson didn't know about the graphic and discussion on Facebook, because they're on my timeline which he cannot see because I have blocked him. He didn't see the SC graphic until I posted it here on July 11, or my comment about Pensacola until I posted it here on July 12.

Last night (the 13th), as part of my ongoing meme project, I uploaded these to my Facebook wall:

 And Simpson, the college professor with the mind of a toddler, assumes the one on the left is my one-woman bad PR for Pensacola campaign....

LOL!!!  Ah, no, professor ... that's a message TO the city, not a message ABOUT the city TO tourists....

Ya know, y'all, it's really kind of sad to have to explain something so elementary and self-evident to a grown man, an EDUCTOR, at that....

Anyhoo, back to my projects, here's a pic of the first (hastily done) handbill. (Theft upload for reposting at XRoads to commence in 3-2-1....) They fit two to a letter-sized sheet. Y'all like it? It gives me an opportunity to typeset with QuarkXPress... I love typesetting with QuarkXpess!


Of course, now that I've predicted his reposting it on XRoads, he may not -- just so he can (wrongly) call me a liar. That's another way his toddler mentality works...

**I haven't seen where he has denounced it so, using the reasoning he has used so many times, if I haven't seen it, HE hasn't done it; he hasn't denounced the lawlessness, therefore he approves of it.


  1. Ms Connie I love it when you get a downloadable version please e-mail it to I will use it!!!

  2. Jessie, what's your email addy? If you don't want to put it here, let me know at c_l_chastain@yahoo.com


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