Friday, November 15, 2013

Brooks M. Simpson

M. for Megalomaniac.

Simpson sez, "It’s far from clear to me that the Virginia Flaggers have accomplished anything with the VMFA, but I’d be quite open to an argument that an appropriate flag might fly on the grounds in connection with the renovation of the Robinson House. I simply haven’t seen the argument."

Isn't that a SCREAM?

HE would be open to an argument?  HE would be open to an argument?

Who the heck cares WHAT he would be open to -- or NOT be open to, for that matter.

He is not a Virginia Flagger. He is not even a Virginian.  And as far as I know, he has no affiliation with the VMFA.

He has no legitimate connection to the I-95 battle flag or the flaggings of the VMFA; he his irrelevant. A total nobody.


  1. He's just a fool with tenure and a degree he got out of a claw machine.

  2. He got that degree in the state of Virginia Carl.

  3. Ya'll seem to overlook the fact that YANKEES MUST give their permission for Southerners, especially a Confederate Southerner to do anything. So Bwooks is *assuming* the responsibility of judge, jury and executioner. According to his Yankee logic you must first make your arguments to him in order he can dismiss your claims. This is just another typical mindset of the Yankee mentality, similar to what I wrote about yesterday, under the topic about Bwooks being a liar.

    Yankees MUST always be in control and YOU are expected to follow their orders. Afterall according to them and history, we lost the war, therefore we have become their defacto slaves. We are owned by them every bit as much as any plantation owner owned black slaves. Problem is, we are making them much more money and profits than the black slaves ever made their owners.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  4. Wow, he got it in the State of Virginia....and that means what exactly?
    He could have gotten it from Harvard or Princeton and he'd still be an arrogant blowhard who feels he has the typical privileges Establishment mentality to explain to other people how they "really" think rather than take them for their own word.

  5. Wow,I'm sorry but that run on sentence is intense.

    Why should anyone be taken on their own word? Everyone lies. Including you.

  6. Wow RoboCop, you admit you lie?
    Has h3ll frozen over?

    Oddly I was once in a conversation with a black guy who accused all white people of lying. I came back with the response, "To be honest about it, ALL people lie." I haven't seen an exception yet, although Yankees rarely if ever admit they lie. Nor do I think you really meant that statement to include yourself.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  7. All people lie Mike. Your fabrication is an example of that.

  8. "All people lie Mike. Your fabrication is an example of that. "

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I wrote about a real incident.

    The problem is; under what conditions and what instances does one believe another? We're at a standoff, because I don't believe much of anything you say, and you are no different towards me. This also proves from my earlier comments elsewhere here, that we are two distinct types and groups of people. We are not the same. We share hardly anything, if anything concerning culture, or anything else. We don't even like each other and what our sides stand for. Our people are so dis-similar they need to be separated from each other.

    To lie is human nature. To admit it takes courage, the truth setting you free. But to use it as a tool in covering the truth will only cause much needless suffering, all for the temporary benefit of the most skillful liars. Which brings us to these quotes, "To the victor goes the writ of history." and "History is a set of agreed upon lies." Sorry I haven't won anything, nor have I agreed to all the lies. So, just keep on believing what you will and I will do likewise, fore you haven't won a total victory yet, though you are writing the history.....

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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