Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hang the crape! Blow the monuments to smithereens! Burn all the flags! Turn the MOCs into Nail Salons!** Disband the SCV and UDC! Peel off them SECEDE stickers!


The first flogger prediction of the end of Southern heritage was discussed here, back in May.  Why was Southern heritage ending back in May? Because some film student who had made videos of the VaFlaggers made false claims about monument vandalization in Richmond. The flogger prediction made no sense then, and it still makes no sense. It was just flogger inner yearning given voice (or print, as it were).

Yes, because these haters love the idea of wiping out Southern heritage (and Southern identity), they love predicting destruction. Two months later, in August, they made a similar prediction about the Virginia Flaggers. You can read what I wrote about that HERE.

Why was oblivion the fate of the Virginia Flaggers, according to these doom-sayers? Because of the I-95 flag project. Andy predicted they'd "meld" into just another Confederate heritage group and disappear that way. Simpson predicted they'd "melt" under the spotlight they'd turned on themselves.

I noted then, "Levin isn't predicting the end of the Flaggers by melting or group-cloning. He's just predicting that there will be no Confederate flag on I-95 near Richmond."

Boy, was he wrong!

What's going to do in Southern heritage this time?  Opposition to a monument to Union Soldiers at Olustee Battlefield near Lake City, Florida. (Smirk.) No, really. I'm not making this up. They're saying this on their blogs.

When you read the comments of the floggers and their peanut gallery floggerettes about this subject, one thing that stands out is that they don't care about the flippin' union monument, except that it gives a reason and an opportunity to indulge their hatred of Southern heritage.

By and large, these folks buy into the leftist, post-civil rights, race-obsessed mindset, which requires, or at least fosters, a hatred of Southern white people, past and present. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if they are interested in the civil war itself only because it provides them with a cover -- a seemingly logical reason -- for hating Southern whites, particularly advocates of Confederate heritage. The war is a convenient excuse.

If memory serves, what initially brought Levin's blog to my attention was his post complaining about the SCV's secession ball in Charleston several years ago. That was typical, I've learned. Any time a proSouthern group like the SCV does anything to protect or promote Confederate heritage, these floggers launch hate-fests on their blogs.

I suppose they wouldn't mind the SCV or the VaFlaggers existing, as long as those groups didn't DO anything. It would be even more to their liking if the SCV turned traitor, like Waite Rawles, but they'd likely settle for its just going mute and invisible.

When said groups refuse to sit down and shut up, the floggers have to host hate-fests on their flogs, predict doom, and give their floggerettes a forum for what they do best -- spew derision and hate.

However, as noted above, the predictions of doom for Confederate heritage are just wistful flogger longing given voice -- or rather, given print. And they have as much chance of coming true as Levin's prediction that there would be no flag on I-95.

I've lately put too many irons in the fire, and I've restricted my time, but if I get time, I want to delve into these Olustee flogger post individually and address some of their more bizarre claims.

For now, I will just note first that the VaFlaggers inform me that their membership is UP and donations are UP. If that's an example of the demise of a group, I hope it spreads to the whole of Southern heritage. Second, I suspect one reason that the floggers are so childishly intense, so derisive and so hateful in their prediction of doom for Southern heritage is because they know it ain't gonna happen....

** Note. With the closing of the Museum of the Confederacy, and the dispersal of its treasures to entities who are likely hostile to Confederate history and dedicated to evilizing it, this parody prediction may be coming closer to reality than any of us know. If Confederate heritage really does disappear, it will be because of hostile actions like this, and hostile people who actually intend to do away with Confederate heritage, not anything the SCV or heritage supporters do. In other words, it won't be suicide, Andy; it will be murder.


  1. I will interpret "too many irons in the fire" to mean "I am off my meds"...lol...rant on Connie rant on!!

  2. Why will you interpret it that way? Because you love being wrong?

    Once again, you prove that your "rant on" reply is a substitute for a response of reason and substance.

  3. Connie, you know that I am quite capable of replying with reason and substance if what you wrote had any substance or reason. You complain so hard about the Civil War bloggers not knowing what the flaggers know and/or feel or what is going on behind the scenes or what they have in their hearts...but you are the first to tell the Civil War bloggers what their motives are.

    Hypocrisy defined...

  4. The difference is that they lie; I don't. You think Simpson doesn't KNOW he's lying about the flaggers? That he lies pathologically?

    No. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's done the same kind of lying about me. I suppose I could be mistaken about the floggers, on some subjects (not likely) but I don't lie about them. I call 'em like I seem 'em.

    Tell me where I've been proved wrong re: flogger motives. Include the proof.

  5. Provide the proof?

    Yea Connie, the logical order of events is first your provide proof of motive rather than some vociferous rant. Making assumptions and then asking others to prove you wrong is a logical fallacy. The "burden of proof," is on you.

    que, rant.

  6. Good comeback Connie, you got me there......


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