Friday, November 22, 2013

The Links and Ties Method of Lying

(perfected by the Southern Poverty Law Center)

Simpson posts,
 "Here’s the real question, however: aren’t the differences between Brad, Michael Givens, Matthew Heimbach, Connie Chastain, and the Virginia Flaggers simply tactical? Do we really think they entertain substantial differences when it comes to core beliefs, including racial attitudes? In fact, Brad’s the only one who has publicly placed some distance between Heimbach and himself, although I hear that Givens claims he does not know who Heimbach is … although we have a photograph to suggest otherwise."
For Simpson (as already noted elsewhere),  "...publicly placed some distance between Heimbach and himself..." means doing so in a comment on his blog. In his view, reminiscent of a three-year-old's, if it hasn't been done there, it hasn't been done. However, to be a truthful and honest statement, he would have to know that no "distancing" has happened on any public venue, not just his blog, and I don't think  he knows that. I don't think he even cares about it. He just focuses on "links and ties" --  even if fabricated -- in order to demonize innocent people as evil white supremacists.

And does this professor at a major state university really not understand that public figures like Givens frequently have their photo made with people they don't know, and the snap of the shutter doesn't automatically and magically bestow upon them total knowledge of the person posing with them? (This is yet another example of the bewildering willingness floggers sometime exhibit to shrink their own intelligence for the opportunity to wield the put-down of people they don't like.)

Obviously, when people are willing to lie, and to dumb themselves down to do it, what they "really think" is of no consequence.

So then we have the misnomer'd LibertyLamp, Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire, weighing in.  He sez, "The Confederate fetish movement is very much like the dress up neo-Nazi movement. Both groups have made up fantasies about that certain time period where there was racial inequality and domination."

Um... has there ever been a time when there WASN'T racial inequality and domination? Besides, there is no such thing as a "Confederate fetish" movement.

"They both work very hard at creating denial stories about the atrocities that were committed during those time periods."

I wouldn't know about neo-Nazis, who LibertyLamp is apparently quite cozy with, but I've been an observer of, and participant in, proSouthernism (both heritage and independence branches) since about 1999 (and was a proud Southerners long before that) and I have encountered no "denial stories about atrocities." As it should be, there is resistance to the attempts by Simpson, Lamp and other flogger-types to totally define white Southerners, the South, and the Confederacy by atrocities, or negatives (while, significantly, glossing over, perfuming or otherwise ignoring atrocities and negatives of the north and the USA). But that's not the same thing as denying atrocities. And if, perchance, some do that, all do not. The wish to portray them all by the traits of a few is a marvelous illustration of the clone-like leftist mentality itself.

They both like to dress up and cos play with their childish fantasies about being in those time periods and having that upper racial hand.

Have no idea what he's talking about. Re-enacting? It's a hobby. Not everyone who does that is a Confederate activist. Sometimes people wear period attire as part of living history events, or celebrations and commemorations, but that's hardly "fantasizing." So what you have here is yet another example of fudging the truth in order to demonize.

On Connie’s website is an ad to “help save white genocide in South Africa”. That campaign was started and is based with Aryan Nations, who BTW fly confederate flags during their rallies.

SAVE white genocide? My graphic advocates STOPPING it. And it's not an "ad." It's simply a statement, a graphic that *I* made and did not acquire from the 'net. I have seen no evidence that it is a campaign that started and is based with Aryan Nations, although I admit, since I know next-to-nothing about Aryan Nations, and LibertyLamp is apparently quite cozy with them, I don't know whether it started with them or not.

However, that's not where I learned about it. I developed a mild interest in South Africa because two of the models I chose for my book covers are South Africans. I read a little about it, and was horrified to discover the horrific murder rate of white farmers in SA. I read more about it at WorldNetDaily, Front Page Magazine, the UK Telegraph and other news sources. And, if memory serves, in some articles by Ilana Mercer.  I've never encountered the idea that the campaign to call attention to the murders of white farmers in South Africa is the work of Aryan Nations -- until I read LibertyLamp's comment. I have to take it with lotsa grains of salt since LibertyLamp is a leftist in the business of demonizing ordinary, decent folks.

What is so horrific about the attacks and murders of white farmers and their families is not just the racial aspects -- though the murderers are black and the victims are white -- but the incomprehensible brutality involved. I'm no expert on apartheid, far from it, but I've read some about it, and while there's no mistake that there was stark inequality based on race, and government forced (something I rarely if ever approve of) -- I found nothing about it that justifies these murders and particularly the brutality of them.

Lamp notes that the Aryan Nations "...BTW fly confederate flags during their rallies." Yet another transparent and phony "links and ties" attempt, apparently to convince people that anyone who flies the flag is a secret, or at least wannabe, Aryan.  This is what happens when you put demonization of people you don't like above maintaining your  own integrity.

Other of these so called “flagger/Confederate patriots” support plugs for the Political Cesspool radio show, which is white supremacist.  Again, I wouldn't know, since I don't listen to the Political Cesspool, or read books by its spokesman. However, if LibertyLamp says it's white supremacist, I'll have to take that with many more grains of salt, since he is in the business of seeing white supremacy here, there and everywhere -- even where it doesn't exist -- or calling things white supremacy that aren't.

I do honestly believe that while these “flagger/Confederate patriots” work so hard at their “the war was not about slavery” montra, that slavery is one of the primary attractions for their being in that movement because they want an upper hand in society based on their white skin color.

Honestly? LOL!

Would love to see where he has found flaggers saying "the war was not about slavery." The people I've encountered who huff and puff, "The war was NOT about slavery!!!!" are usually anonymous posters on comment threads following negatively biased news reports about the Confederate flag and such. Not a lot of in-depth discussion in that venue.

However, I do honestly think it is a dishonest characterization of people such as myself, who make a distinction between the causes  of secession (slavery was the  primary, but not the only, one) and the causes of the war, of the fighting (defense against an army that had come South to kill Southerners).

And the claims about "skin color" are some of the lamest in the leftist arsenal -- as if the amount of melanin in skin cells is the only thing that differentiates people, or is the only basis for classifying them into groups. I know this is a made-up argument, because even leftists who have voluntarily and deliberately dumbed themselves down are not THAT dumb.

(A note to B. Parks, who is so turned on by calling into question people's intelligence and mental states... Honey, if you want to see some evidence of deranged thinking, look at these death-obsession images I got off LibertyLamp's Twitter feed: Remember, he's on your side -- a self-trumpeted "anti-racist.")


Have y'all read the white nationalist convention going on at Crossroads? What a scream! 
It's in the comment thread following the Clint Lacy post...

Lamp and Brad Griffin (ostensibly a proSoutherners who insults Southerners with names like Rainbow Confederate and Confederate Cryptkeeper) are chattering about some white nationalist who got "outed" on TV as having some race-mixing in his ancestry. Apparently, they find that fascinating.

I can't imagine why. I'm fascinated by, and proud of, my Cherokee ancestry, although by my calculations, I'm only 1/64th Cherokee, going by those in my lineage that we know were Cherokee, or part-Cherokee. It's possible there were other Cherokees in my direct lineage, and if so, that would change the number some... although I look, you know, plain vanilla, Elizabeth-Warren white.

There's also been speculation that one of our family mystery men may have been a Melungeon. i.e., an Appalachian "tri-racial isolate" group -- the three races being European, sub-Saharan African and Native American. I guess, to fit the stereotype, I should pretzel up and agonize over my possible non-lily-white origins, but frankly, I really don't care. Whether I am, or whether I ain't makes absolutely no difference in my life ... and I know no one in my family that it would matter to.

But I want to point out one thing... Lamp sez, "Brook asked how well connected these common flaggers are with the more heavy hitting white nationalists. It’s obvious there is some behind the scenes footsie being played under the table."

It's obvious? How can something happening behind the scenes and under the table be obvious? LOL!

When leftist anti-wacist floggerettes are in slander mode, do they even pay attention to what they're saying?


  1. I found this bit of Yankee racism at

    Yankee white folks have always loved the black man?? Ain't that so, Brooks Simpson??? Why dats the reason Lincoln invaded the South, cause you Yankees loved blacks so much!

    During the early 20th century, Detroit, “The Motor City,” was a growing industrialized city and predominately white prior to the 1920’s. In fleeing the Jim Crow of the south, Blacks began to migrate into the Detroit area during the late 1920’s on through the 70’s only to find they were equally unwelcome. Often met with violent racial hostility by the existing residents and police brutality, social exclusion from employment coupled with housing segregation, Blacks were blocked from equally participating in white society. With the deep seated feelings of entitlement, the settled whites who were already competing with each other for existing opportunities and resources in the Detroit area channeled much of their venomous fears and frustrations onto the Black communities who, like they, were seeking better lives.

  2. Connie, trying to figure these people out is an exercise in futility.
    I do not see how you, or any other free thinking individual could conceivably dumb themselves down to be on their level long enough to remote understand the mindless gibberish they spout at each other to puff up their own shallow egos.
    You're too smart to even try Connie.

    I believe that Liberty Lamp's obsession with white supremacy is not new since its been clear to me for a long time that a good many members of the flogger's peanut gallery are either closet white supremacists themselves, or share enough in common with that sort.

    Take the obsession that Andy Hall has with Black Confederates and the pains he goes through to deny their existence in the face of overwhelming evidence.
    Look at how Simpson and Levin both have little Tools who talk about hunting down proud Black Confederate descendants and "setting their minds right" (the threat there is clear for anyone with half a brain).

    Trust me there is a great deal of ugliness but its not on our part, its on theirs.

  3. Carl,

    You need to follow your own advice. You and Mikey Lamb think you have us figured out.

    Could not be farther from the truth...

  4. C. W.
    and especially, specifically Corey Darling;

    It's not hard at all to figure these slimeballs out. Everyone's problem is they try and *PRETEND* it's a game or there is no malice involved. As soon as anyone admits that these people such as Corey Darling, Bwooks, Kevin's Bacon....etc... are your enemies and they *INTEND* on destroying the world as you know it, which in the process homogenizes you into a culture of nothing, then you will know these people are EVIL!

    I don't know the specific politics of these people, nor what higher power they claim, if any. Nor do I need to know such. I know the generalities which is, they are a FAR different people than we are. Different in in ALL aspects of life, from how we view each other, the knowledge we have and understand, to what we believe and the faith we have, the friends we keep and how we understand and relate to society. And I know their way is wrong and EVIL. I know I share NOTHING with these people, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yet I am FORCED to live with them, because they conquered my people. I am forced to pay THEIR taxes and support their people, all so they can garner more power by buying more votes and prestige. The good thing is this, I know I will NOT EVER have to put up with these demons in my after life, because where ever they are headed, I know we are so different I will be headed in the opposite direction!

    And this was what John Calhoun, Barnwell Rhett and the other Fire Eaters said time and again in trying to get Southerners to get away and separate from these people. Even Patrick Henry and the Anti-Federalists were against these people with Henry saying that if you ratify a Constitution with these people (Yankees), they will wage war on you within 80 years. He was right, it took 79 years for the war to start.

    Learn my fellow Southerners, learn from your ancestors who tried to warn you, those Yankees are NOT our people! Never have been, Never will be, except when they want to use us and enslave us! Know who they really are and you'll automatically understand them as I do and as those Fire Eaters did long before me! They are of the devil!

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  5. And you Corey Darling, you of such shallow mind. You call yourself a leader, a teacher of men. You couldn't lead an army of ants, nor teach a pet rock to sit still! You don't even know what a caption is to a picture, yet you accuse others.... How can I expect you to understand Karl Marx and Marxism when you can't even understand what a caption is? You're a sad case of an example teaching men, no children.....

    BTW, my repost of "Collectivism by Force" explains EXACTLY how you are figured out. Just think of yourself being the anti-thesis to the thesis. You're the other side of the "Duality of man", the negative side.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  6. Mike,

    I seem to have missed your "caption" comment or whatever that usual, I have no idea what you are talking about.

  7. Mike,

    I seem to have missed your "caption" comment or whatever that usual, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Here is a partial quote from a post. This specifically address Photoshopping, as do my other quotes below.

    "I think back to your latest hateful and spiteful attacks on Ms Connie concerning "The Merger", and how you and RoboCop make a mountain out of nothing concerning, what you claim is, Photoshopping a picture. And I think of how you claim you don't hate, which is a lie in itself."

    And Here:
    "Corey Darling, your idea of critical thinking is simply following orders. That's why I said in a post a few weeks ago, you'd make a decent tour guide, but that's about as far as your knowledge extends. Your comments, not knowing what a caption is proves that to a very large degree. Well, by the looks of your avatar, that also says a lot. You're completely mesmerized. Or is it spaced out? But then again, that's just *MY* caption for your picture!"

    "For those of *Limited Intelligence*, here is the definition of *caption* from the "Free Dictionary".

    "A title, short explanation, or description accompanying an illustration or a photograph. 2. A series of words superimposed on the bottom of television or motion ..."

    "It makes NO difference what you, Connie, I or anyone writes below a picture, Photoshopped or not, as it makes a statement in relation tot he picture, of which THAT picture is the MAIN subject. Using Photoshop and any picture editing program is NO different than simply using a Word program to create one's own statement in regards to a picture or illustration. Again it is the picture itself that is the main subject, NOT the caption!"

    Therefore it goes back to the one who first photoshopped the two museums who bears responsibility for the Photoshopping. Right or wrong is NOT the question concerning the original Photoshopped picture, but it is the caption itself that the original author used that is in question. The original author ONLY gave his *OPINION* of what he thought of the picture he Photoshopped. Ms Connie did likewise and gave her OPINION of what she thought about the picture. And guess what? I agree with her caption.... It better tells the storyline of what is becoming of the two museums. But it is only my OPINION. But guess what else? You are entitled to your OPINION too! Problem is Marxist Yankees can't leave well enuff alone. No sir, they gotta control and manipulate everything else from everyone, and if they don't like something, then they attack the messenger in order to promote ONLY their views...."

    I'm not going to the thread concerning Hitler, oooops I mean Bwooks and his mustache. I originally wrote back about Photoshopping there, which is where you and RoboCop tried to make a mountain out of nothing.

    If you hadn't read the above quotes in their entirety before, I suggest you do so... Somehow I get the feeling that if I hadn't found these posts here at the blog, you'd swear I never posted them....

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  8. Mike,

    Do you know how many conversations we are engaged in here on this site. Please excuse me for missing deepest apologies.

    I thought that is what you meant by the caption. Regardless she photoshopped the caption because she thinks something sinister is going on when the MOC and Tred. join forces.

    End of story

  9. Mike Lamb: "Yet I am FORCED to live with them, because they conquered my people. I am forced to pay THEIR taxes and support their people, all so they can garner more power by buying more votes and prestige. The good thing is this, I know I will NOT EVER have to put up with these demons in my after life, because where ever they are headed, I know we are so different I will be headed in the opposite direction!"

    Do you believe the same fate awaited the British genociding the Tasmanian Aborigines and the White who shot Indians for eradication?

  10. Toby Glass, Mike can answer you, or not, as he chooses. I would just like to point out that you're asking about a subject not under discussion here, and you are marvelously illustrating the "moral equivalancy" subset of the links-and-ties method of accusation, smearing and lying. Thank you.

  11. Tobt Glass
    "Do you believe the same fate awaited the British genociding the Tasmanian Aborigines and the White who shot Indians for eradication?"

    I will answer your question but not with an answer you expected.

    There is some controversy over the claims concerning the genocide of the Aborigines, but I will take your statement at face value and agree.

    However the same consideration must be given to the American Indians, which indeed genocide was committed against them by the whites.

    Your mistake which I cannot agree with is that you are ALL inclusive with your statement. Accordingly not all whites or British can be held accountable. Nor can anyone truthfully answer as to who everyone would be that is guilty and those that are innocent. It becomes a moot fact today concerning the Aborigines as they no longer exist. However American Indians do exist and MANY white people still still wish them ill will. Meaning there are still whites as well as other races and cultures of people who dislikes the American Indian and would not care if they all vanished, by whatever means.

    It simply isn't gonna work in trying to associate Northern and Southern peoples by commonalities each *may* or *may not* hold, from past and current generations concerning the American Indians.

    By strict evidence alone from the past, history would prove that Northern people committed more and worse atrocities against the American Indian than Southerners. It can equally be shown that Southerners actually integrated with the American Indian more so than Northerners. Yet this must be primarily considered on an individual basis. Accordingly all the same principles and reasoning cannot be equally applied to Northerners and Southerns of the past or present.

    Meaning the reality of the fate of the Aboriginese and the American Indian cannot be associated directly or exclusively by color or place. However it can be more associated by political and cultural motivations. Last time I looked, the British were mainly whites, specifically during the genocide of the Aboriginese, and it was the British Government that allowed the genocide, just as it was the AMERICAN Government that allowed the genocide against the American Indians and it was this SAME American Government that CALLED for the GENOCIDE of SOUTHERNERS! Think I'm lying? Read up on your 20th president James Garfield and what he proposed as president concerning Southerners. And there are many other instances, such as:
    ""Rebel prisoners in our hands are to be subjected to a treatment finding its parallels only in the conduct of savage tribes and resulting in the death of multitudes by the slow but designed process of starvation and by mortal diseases occasioned by insufficient and unhealthy food and wanton exposure of their persons to the inclemency of the weather."
    Preamble to the H.R. 97, passed by both Houses

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  12. BONUS!
    Ultimate blame in this case rests on the USA government, yet government, whatever type it may be, is the mirror of its' people. Here is your Northern sentiments...

    Exterminating Southerners and Their Odious Ways:

    “Yankees viewed Southerners with fully as much contempt as Englishmen viewed Celts. Before the Civil War a Northerner, with typical Anglo-Saxon arrogance, advised Yankees to “mingle freely” with Southerners, “and….strive to bring up their habits, by a successful example, to the New England standard.” When that proved impossible, stronger measures were recommended.

    “I believe,” announced a saintly Northerner, “that the great conception of a Christian society, which was in the minds of the Pilgrims of the Mayflower….is to displace and blot out the foul [South]…., with all its heaven-offending enormities; that….our vast and heterogeneous….population is either to be subdued and won to its principles and blessings or to give place to the seed of the righteous.”

    A Massachusetts soldier favored a policy of genocide toward Southerners. “I would exterminate them root and branch,” he wrote just after the war. “They have often said they preferred it to subjugation, and, with the help of God, I would give it to them. I am only saying what thousands say every day.”

    In calls to exterminate Southerners and their “odious ways,” Northerners sounded much like English Puritans who advocated the obliteration of their “barbaric” Celtic neighbors. It may be no coincidence that Irish-born reporter William Howard Russell described Federal Secretary of War Edwin Stanton as “excessively vain….a rude, rough, vigorous Oliver Cromwell sort of man.”

    Typically, Yankees referred to Confederates as dirty and ignorant, just as the English had spoken of the Irish, Welsh and Scots. A Minnesotan called Confederate soldiers “vagabonds,” while another Yank denounced them as “ruffians and desperadoes.” Several Federals spoke of Southerners as “savages,” and one Connecticut soldier informed his sister that “the Rebels are Barbarians and savages.”

    (Attack and Die, Civil War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage, Grady McWhiney and Perry Jamieson, University of Alabama Press, 1982, pp. 181-182)

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  13. The Northern sentiments I gave you examples of is EXACTLY the same sentiments the North showed the American Indians and it is still present towards the American Indians to this very day! It's the same people and type people, only under a different disguise and plan. And that plan today also includes the Old Line Southerners. Practically all Pro Southern groups can be designated as such. Our fate is the as that for the American Indians.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  14. And I almost forgot Corey Darling...
    Corey Meyer said...
    "Do you know how many conversations we are engaged in here on this site. Please excuse me for missing deepest apologies."

    Don't make excuses. I DO NOT accept excuses from anyone, not even my friends, but only on an individual basis, such as something really important. You know, like death or a bad accident. Nor do I accept apologies from my enemies. That is because my enemies have no respect, towards anything or anyone but their own. Your apology means nothing to me.... Get over it...

    "I thought that is what you meant by the caption. Regardless she photoshopped the caption because she thinks something sinister is going on when the MOC and Tred. join forces."

    It is! That's the point! And you can't see it!

    Ooops I forgot, you ain't quiet got it together enuff to figure such stuff out. To give you a hint, you can't figure such stuff out because the thinking and rationality behind such thoughts is alien to you, beyond your principles, concepts and scope of understanding and acceptance. It's also why we are completely different people. No worry though, this is THE common difference between Yankees, Southerners and Northerners. We have totally different mind sets. One is conservative based. I mean as in *Paleoconservative*, or old line conservative such as Jacksonian Democrat or Jefferson's Democrat-Republican conservative. While the other (Yankee) is *Marxist*, or you can include, Fascist, socialist, liberal, Globalist....etc...

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  15. Another BONUS for Toby to consider.

    What did Gen Sherman think about the American Indians? What did he think about blacks? And what did he think about Southerners? We know what he done to the Indians and Southerners; don't we? But he was happy to give both much more if allowed....

    Now apply those same questions to Goldie Locks. You know him as George Custer.

    Phil Sheridan also comes to mind....

    My point is simply there two kinds of white people in this hell hole of a country. They are not the same people under any circumstances, except where one side is forced.

    This government MUST be destroyed and the people and their states separated! Else the whole world hangs in the balance of American tyranny and Global domination..... In this process one side of the opposing whites and their allies must be destroyed. It is more than a war over land and politics. It is a war over faith, belief, culture, heritage and a way of life. Or simply stated, whose god shall reign supreme?

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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