Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Simpson Obsession

In Simpson's bizarro world, "no word" means he's trolled the internet with a fine-toothed comb and hasn't turned up anything.  (He calls this  tiptoeing through the internet to sample historical understandings about the American Civil War, but what he's doing is trolling for anything he thinks will trash Southern heritage advocates or damage their cause). 

Do you suppose it really doesn't occur to him that "word" exists -- in fact, many "words" --  in places he has no access to -- or even knowledge of?

Simpson sez,
Finally, it’s worth noting that many Union veterans and veterans’ organization contributed to the Confederate soldiers’ home on this site* … the very veterans now being mocked by so-called advocates of Confederate heritage. For people with such long memories, it’s amazing how quickly they forgot this. But are we surprised?
Re: the union veterans and their orgs that contributed to the Confederate soldiers home -- where are they being mocked? I must have missed it. And were they being mocked for contributing to the Confederate soldiers home?

More idiocy from the same blog post:

No word yet from Susan Hathaway as to what she makes of the project.

Maybe she doesn't make anything of it. Have ya thought of that, Simp?

Indeed, the Virginia Flaggers are very quiet about this project, which is surprising given their well-known opposition to the VMFA’s position on the flying of the Confederate flag at the nearby Confederate Memorial Chapel.

Why is it surprising? Stating the obvious, the Robinson House is not the Chapel.

Nor have we heard any explanation as to the cause of Hathaway’s silence or the silence of her loyal followers concerning the plans for the Robinson House.

Really. But-but-but you "explained" her silence on your blog. You didn't HEAR your own explanation?

Then again, although this mock cover of Time magazine shows Hathaway with the question, “Is the Confederate Chapel Next?” (next for what, one might ask, after the Flaggers’ funny fiasco along I-95), we haven’t seen Hathaway personally working to “restore the honor” at the Confederate chapel lately, either.

'We" who -- YOU? You're not in Richmond, are ya, Simp? And you aren't a VaFlagger, so you obviously do not know everything that's involved in "personally working" to restore the honor at the Confederate chapel.

And, of course, no word on what happened to that piece of machinery along I-95.

Well, uh, it was stolen. Didja miss that? No word? It was reported in the flippin' media.

No word on what happened to the original flag, either.

Yes, there has been "word" on what happened to the original flag. You don't know? You're out of the loop on this?  Listen, One Who Acts Like A Three Year Old. Just because you haven't heard doesn't mean there has been no word.

*The Robinson House in Richmond, VA

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