Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flogger ESP on the Fritz?

Corey Meyer: Looking at the flag in the video, it does not appear to be the same flag that was raised over a month ago…it does not have the white border the original one does. Wonder why that is…or maybe I am just seeing things.

Andy Hall: Nope, different flag.

Brooks D. Simpson: I think you’re right, Corey. Wonder if anything happened to the original flag.

You wonder? YOU WONDER?  You mean you DON'T KNOW???? 

But-but-but you floggers and your peanut galleries have palmed yourselves off as EXPERTS on the VaFlaggers -- including intimate knowledge of the Flaggers' deepest motivations. And now you don't know this? And it was discussed on Facebook weeks ago?

What happened? Did your ESP go on the fritz? Did your crystal balls and chicken bones get FUBARed? Has Miss Cleo not returned your calls? Is Facebook suddenly too complicated for you to negotiate?

Hey, Simp. Gently lay your hands on your computer, and see if the answer comes to you that way.


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