Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shrinking and Shriveling Intelligence and Integrity

I'm constantly amazed at how willing, even eager, floggers are -- or seem to be --  to shrink their own intelligence and shrivel their own integrity, just to take ugly stabs at people they don't like ... the Virginia Flaggers, f'rinstance.  People who have never done ANYthing to them...

Couple of recent examples stand out. I'll start with this one: In his ludicrous attempt to belittle the VaFlaggers over the recent theft of Grayson Jennings' excavator from the flag site, Kevin Levin gives us some keen insight into how HIS mind works.

Take this Levin quote: "Let’s be clear. There is absolutely no evidence that any individual or group opposed to this project is responsible."

Fascinating! How does he know this?  Is he omniscient? Was he there? Isn't he in flippin' MASSACHUSETTS?  Did he call the police in Virginia to find out about what evidence there was --  and was not -- that he's so CLEAR about?  I mean, my gosh, it makes  you wonder why the VaFlaggers even bothered to call the police. Why didn't they just call Levin, since he knows what evidence there is and is not in the case?

No. He can't know whether there is clear evidence for what he's claiming or not. Or even muddy evidence. He simply can't know -- and if he thinks he can, he needs to tell how and why. Without that, his post is either a case of questionable intelligence, or questionable integrity. (Either way, it's sobering to think that this man teaches children.)

Then he sez, "The flag site is on private property and from what I remember the homeowner is fairly close to the pole itself."

Ah, yeah. The only thing separating them is a flippin' INTERSTATE HIGHWAY, and some woods and a field or two.

"How exactly did these thieves manage to drive a truck and trailer onto this property, load the excavator and leave without making sufficient noise to be noticed?"

Well, there could be any number of explanations. Since we don't know when it happened, maybe it happened at a time when all the neighbors were away at work. Maybe it happened in the middle of the night and they were asleep. Maybe they were home but perhaps playing television or music loud enough that it drowned out exterior sound. Maybe the sound coming from the flippin' INTERSTATE drowned it out. Or maybe it WAS noticed. Maybe somebody saw it and thought it was the owner legitimately coming to get his equipment.

How can anybody who can be SO CLEAR on "evidence" he has no knowledge of not figure this out?

"In this image you can see the trailer home"

Yep. Sure can. But when was the picture made? How long before the theft occurred?  Did it not occur to someone who can be SO CLEAR on "evidence" (that he can't know) that the equipment could have been MOVED during work on the site and parked elsewhere, and could have been sitting farther away from the mobile homes at the time of  the theft?

"Anybody know where Susan Hathaway was at the time of the theft?"

Well, between Thursday afternoon and Monday morning, she was probably many, many places. Somebody who can be SO  CLEAR on evidence he doesn't have the benefit of knowing finds this difficult to grasp? (P.S. Levin, pssst. Putting a smiley face after a false accusation -- even if just an implied accusation --  doesn't make it okay , capisce?)

This is not the first time Levin has alluded to his own omniscience, claiming to be "clear" about things he couldn't know. It's just a matter of time before he decides to declare his candidacy for Supreme Being. Can't wait to see the yard signs....


  1. Awe, I'm beginning to see what I suspected all along. Where does Levin, Simpson, Hall, Lackey or is that Mackey the Student, and the Lincoln Cult get their fables, fiction and information disguised as evidence? They just make it up, and proclaim it comes from the Official Record, or some other dubious place of distinction. Or maybe their "evidence" comes from a long lost, never before seen, unpublished, rare, one of a kind, invisible, divinely inspired, philosophically reasoned, rare earth rock, but most likely recently written letter.

    I can spot a liar at 300 paces, at night, on a pitch black night in February, and my 75 year old eyes are blind as a bat. Liars just smell bad. Kinda like road kill skunk - both have the same effect on the senses.

    This is to funny to put in print!!! Thanks for letting me post this on your blog. None of the above will let me post on their blog. But they do say, "Thanks for writing. Have a nice day."

    I am a bit surprised to see the floggers are dumbfounded by certain VA Flagger events though. They almost had me convinced they "know everything."

  2. Connie,

    Susan says they have MANY eyes watching the site. So is she full of it?

  3. Corey, presumably, since you are a teacher, you have sense enough to know that many people watching out for the flag doesn't mean 24/7 surveillance, with people sitting there keeping their eyes on the pole. It means people who commute on I-95 looking as they go by to make sure it's there and okay. Like the fellow who saw and reported one of the halyards coming loose. And like the people who have volunteered to work on the site -- they're not there all day and all night, every day and every night.

    Besides, watching the flag doesn't necessarily involve knowing that an excavator was, or was supposed to be, onsite or not. So, see, this comment of yours is a perfect illustration of your willingness to throw your own intelligence under the bus to make people you don't like look bad. And you know what? It doesn't even work. You end up making yourself look bad, not the VaFlaggers.


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