Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The "D" Stands for Double Standard

Brooks D. Simpson takes Grayson Jennings to task for referring to the US flag as "that American flag.," saying Jennings "... has trouble saying the words 'United States.'"

Isn't it funny, how transparent th is guy is? Almost since the beginning of the I-95 flag project, complainer Kristen "Wonder Woman" Konate has talked the "American flag," repeatedly. It's only recently that she's begun referring to the Starznstripes as "the U.S. flag." Where was his concern about her having trouble saying the words "United States" before she got smart about the flag?


  1. Hey Connie, while you are figuring out the difference between the US Flag and the American flag...tell me why there is a different flag flying along I-95 than the one the hoisted up the pole in September.

    Something happen to the original?

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  3. Corey, why do you suppose Kristen Schroeder "Wonder Woman" Konate called it "the American flag" until recently, and Simpson never chided her about being unable to say "United States"?

    The US flag is the flag of the United States of America, aka the Stars and Stripes (starzenstripes), aka Old Glory (or Old Gory, if you consider how much bloodshed it has both caused and flown over).

    It's so funny to watch you floggers when you discover something and think it just happened. Y'all are like 3-year-olds...

    Pictures of the substitute flag have been up on Facebook for several weeks, along with an explanation. For people who pretend to know so much about the Flaggers, there sure is a lot you don't know....

    Something happen to the original? Yeah, it was taken down for site work and will go back up when the lighting and fence are installed.

  4. Why would you have to take the flag down for site work?

  5. Gee, Corey, I dunno. To protect it from, say, vandalism until the fence, lights and cameras go up?

    You're not smart enough to figure that out yourself? Of course you are, but you're sacrificing your intelligence to make the VaFlaggers look bad. And it doesn't work. All it does is make you look dumb.

    Now, why does Simpson chide Grayson for saying "American flag" but has never chided Wonder Woman for saying "American flag" repeatedly -- in her petition, and to the press, and on her silly "RVA United" Facebook page?

  6. So why did they put it up with out all the finishing touches...sounds like it was a fly by night operation...is a fly by night operation.



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