Thursday, November 21, 2013

Eight Questions

Corey Meyer -- Liar, Leftist, Harasser,
Demonizer, Collaborator, Communist Sympathizer

1.  What business is it of yours what the Virginia Flaggers (or anyone else, for that matter) believe, or do?

2. Why is Brooks Simpson so addicted to persecuting the Virginia Flaggers (or attempting to).

3. Why are leftist/liberal academics so addicted to demonizing innocent people as racists?

4. Are you and/or your flogger buddies educated and experienced in Child Protective Services?

5. If not, what qualified any of you to accuse Tripp Lewis of child abuse based on a few seconds of  video of an incident at which you were not present?

6. If you sincerely believe Lewis was guilty of child abuse, what authorities did you notify, what was the response, and if you did not notify the authorities, why not?

7. Given that that communism murdered over 100 million people in the 20th Century, men, women and children, with another 30 million killed in its aggressive wars, why would you give someone friendly or indifferent to that incomprehensible horror a voice in your blog comments, since that means you also support communist murders (by your own logic)?

8. Why is LibertyLamp skeered to identify himself, and thus has to hide behind an alias?


Why did you say I refused to answer your questions when, in fact, I did answer them, after a fashion, here:
The six questions, btw, are not some universal litmus test for racism, some standard handed down by the Almighty. They are questions YOU made up out of YOUR desire to DEMONIZE people with the racist label. Shall I tell you what you can do with your six questions?


  1. Eight Answers...

    1. There are a public group and I live in a free country with the right to the freedom of speech and press.

    2. I don't know...ask him.

    3. I don't know why don't you ask a leftist/liberal. I can take a guess though. Maybe when members of a group are seen with White Supremacists there is some guilt by association. When said members of the group do not distance themselves from the white supremacist once they know who he is and what he believes people begin to start to draw conclusions. I really don't believe the Va. Flaggers are whites supremacist, but they don't seem worried about hanging out with them...hell even one claimed the white supremacist was a "Good Guy".

    4. Yes, as a teacher I am a Mandated Reporter for the State of Illinois.

    5. I answered yes to #4

    6. I believe Norwood "Tripp" Lewis acted in poor taste as a father of two young children by putting them in a situation that when he was arrested (And he knew the was a real possibility) his children had to witness it.

    7. I am not aware of anyone who comments on my site is friendly or indifferent to those atrocities.

    8. I don't know...ask him. didn't answer a single question.

  2. "There are a public group" ?

    1. in, at, or to that place or position.
    "we went on to Paris and stayed there eleven days"
    used in attracting someone's attention or calling attention to someone or something.
    "hello there!"
    1. used to focus attention on something and express satisfaction or annoyance at it.
    "there, I told you she wouldn't mind!"
    2. used to comfort someone.
    "there, there, you must take all of this philosophically"

    LOOOOL and you once said I sounded uneducated !

    Pssssst did you mean Their ?

    their (âr)
    adj. The possessive form of they.
    1. Used as a modifier before a noun: their accomplishments; their home town.

    Or maybe They're, in which case you would leave out the "are"

    Thank God my Grand Children don't have you for a teacher !

  3. (1) You didn't answer what business they are of yours. They are not a public group. They are a private sector group, not financed by the government or the taxpayers. Freedom of speech and the press is not freedom to slander and libel.

    (2) But if there is guilt by association, as you seem to think, there should also be responsibility by association, right?

    (3) You are as leftist/liberal and I asked you. The association between Heimbach and the VaFlaggers is made up by you and your flogger buddies. Compare Heimbach's participation (a couple of Flagger events) to the dedication of a REAL Flagger -- somebody who is on the sidewalk every week, who takes care of cemeteries and headstones, who writes letters and attends meetings -- not just flaggings, but meetings of the group, makes donation, give people rides to flaggings and elsewhere, keeps other Flaggers informed.... Heimback is not a VaFlagger. You know it. But you keep pretending not to so you can push the fraudulent "guilt by association" meme. Forget it. The VaFlaggers don't "hang out" with white supremacists. Heimbach attended a couple of Flagger events, as you well know. And the "good guy" reference has been explained to you. Why do you keep pretending you haven't had it explained? Why do you insist on lying about it?

    4. And would your training and status as a mandated reporter qualify you for a position with child protective services as, say, a caseworker or case manager?

    5. That you are a mandated reporter for the state of Illinois did not qualify you to claim that Tripp was abusing his children. My gosh, when I think of how children are truly abused, and you come along, out of your sheer animosity, claim child abuse over an incident that clearly was not, according to people who were there, that you did not witness, did not investigate -- unless you DID investigate it (or did you just report it to the state of Illinois)? And who did you interview? And what did you find out? Did you evaluate Tripp's kids? No, you accused him out of sheer animosity, and facts be hanged.

    6. I didn't ask about poor taste. You and other floggers ACCUSED HIM OF CHILD ABUSE. Don't try to weasel out of it now.

    7. LibertyLamp is a syndicalist, which is a socialist, which is the forerunner of communism. The purpose of socialism is to usher in communism. Of course, socialists like LibertyLamp ignore communist atrocities like floggers ignore yankee complicity in slavery.

    8. If you are going to hold Flaggers responsible by association, then you floggers are too.

    Bonus. I gave them the answer they deserved.

  4. They don't have to be fincanced by the government to be a public public you should have understood that it means they are visible in public...they are attention seekers.

    So if Matt Heimbach has only been to a couple events with the which I agree and believe...why is it so hard for you and the flaggers to say..."hey we know that Matt Heimbach was with our group on a couple of occasions and we were not aware of his beliefs. We thought he was just there advance the cause of honoring our ancestors, but now that his views have come to light we want to make it clear that the views of the Va. Flaggers are not that of Heimbach's."

    How simple that would be. But since they don't all we can do is believe that the Flaggers hold the same believes or at least similar ones.

    No, as a mandated reporter I would not be qualified to be a caseworker...but then again that is not the role of a Mandated Reporter...they report based on suspicion and concern...caseworkers investigate. I would think you would know that.

    I didn't accuse him of child abuse...just bad parenting. I have never been arrested...not with or without my children present. If anything I would be very embarrassed to allow that to happen to me in front of my children.

    I did not report him since 1. I did not think it child abuse, 2. it was in Virginia and not Illinois.

    I am not responsible for Libertylamp...if he says something on my site I don't agree with I will not post it. However posting his opinion is his first amendment right. Would you deny him that?

  5. David, it is called a type-o, a mistake. No proof reading...just typing and posting.

    Get over it...and get over yourself.

    Let's not bring in our children and/or Grandchildren into the mix here...alright? You have brought up my kids enough don't you think?

  6. No, Corey, I didn't understand that and shouldn't have, necessarily. Next time, say publicly visible, because public/private groups have distinct meanings and critera, and apparently some people think the VaFlaggers are not a private sector group.

    It isn't necessary for the VaFlagger to say a syllable about Heimbach, because they have not espoused his beliefs. It is not part of their mission. You've even said you believe they don't share his believes. So why this browbeating for a totally unnecessary statement. It's just the leftist/flogger bullying instinct, I guess.

    How simple that would be. But since they don't all we can do is believe that the Flaggers hold the same believes or at least similar ones.

    No. The idea that if you don't say your against something, that means your for it, is ludicrous, risible. And another leftist bullying tool. The VaFlaggers are on record over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over about what they believe and why they do what they do. If "all you can do" in the face of their very well known and expressed beliefs is to make something up based on your own desire to denigrate because you're sullen over their not jumping through your hoops -- tough.

    Re: Tripp, floggers were drawing conclusions only a caseworker could make after extensive investigation, interviews, etc. based on a few moments of video.

    So the persecution of Tripp by fraudulent Child Protective Service workers in the flogger community was just more of the desire to bully and denigrate.

    The First Amendment guarantees Lamp the right to post on you blog? Sunofgun.... Learn something new ever' day.

  7. No Corey it's not a typo, you used the wrong word. That is something you frequently do.
    The gibberish you pass off as typo's reflects your failure to grasp the proper use of the English language. fincanced That's a type-o ( spell check will cure that )
    "There are a public group" is bad grammar.(it's also incoherent) It's a shame you have a High School Grad correcting your sloppy comments, That tells me a lot about your college education.
    Do you allow your students to turn in assignments using similar language without correcting them ?

    I will mention my family including grand kids as often as I wish. I did ask you one time what your son would think, that was the only time I will ever bring up your children.

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  9. Hay Corey what about this gem --
    "Since Matt’s opinions have been discovered, has the Va. Flaggers---"
    Type-O ? Pffffft !

  10. Yes David...mind thinks one thing fingers type a different thing.


    But do accept my deepest apologies for I know I am not worthy to cast the first stone so since you must.

  11. Sure Corey, your mind thinks Truth and your finger types the lie.

  12. You have a very simple mind don't you David?


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