Monday, November 11, 2013

Who Thinks the Floggers ...

... actually give a rat's patootie about monuments at Olustee?


  1. Nope, at least not in terms of actually caring about the Union men who died there, even those members of the USCT (particularly the 54th Mass.)

    No, their only concern is to have something to rant about so they can stroke their own egos and thank each other for the privilege.

  2. They care a whole lot more about demonizing white Southerners, past and present, than they do about honoring the flippin' union.

  3. These monuments are a reminder of the hollowness of their victory in 1865. Bullets can't conquer ideals and spirit.

  4. They hope to sell another book by their constant harping on Confederate Heritage, and maybe gather more material for their next work of fictional history disguised as gospel truth.

    I believe their antics are very close to stalking with the express goal of harming Confederate supporters.

  5. Wow look at all the flaggerettes doing exactly what they complain about the Civil War Bloggers doing. So funny.

    Carl, I don't think the 54th Mass. was part of the USCT.

    James, it was the south that resorted to bullets instead of accepting the ballot.

    Janice, you obviously have not read any of the books written by the various Civil War Bloggers...they have nothing to do with Confed. Heritage are not fictional...try and keep up.

    Connie, the Civil War Bloggers do not demonize white southerners. Certain people do it all by themselves...some of the CW Bloggers simply shine a bright light on it.

  6. It's just a matter of time before they go after statues and monuments to Washington, Jefferson, Madison, et al.. The Hyksos are among the Egyptians.


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