Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Congrats to the VaFlaggers On a Great Year!

I just uploaded to the VaFlaggers blog a year in review for 2013 that I encourage everyone to read.

Confederate heritage, particularly the battle flag, has been under concerted attack for over two decades by some powerful groups and individuals, for the purpose of  justifying its removal from view. When you're up against the results of such a long term crusade, you're not going to change things overnight. And yet, the VaFlaggers are changing hearts and minds every week on the Boulevard in Richmond.

For a long time, Confederate heritage advocates were silent in the face of the determination to erase that heritage, but we are silent no longer. Inspired first by the Georgia Flaggers, then the Virginia Flaggers, similar groups are rising across the Confederacy.

Only when they have been at the job of preserving and strengthening our heritage as long as others have been working to eradicate it will we see the true measure of their success.

For now -- Return the Flags. Restore the Honor.  ONWARD!


  1. What started out as one woman
    (brave Woman) standing in front of the VMFA with a battle flag has spread. Yep there were a few bumps in the road, but as with any project that runs afoul of the PC mindset - any molehill will be turned into a mountain by the PC crowd.
    I'm proud to be considered a Flagger, and will continue to support the goals of the Virginia Flaggers.
    David Tatum Jr.

  2. Though a flagger but not a Virginia Flagger, I have the greatest respect for the Virginia Flaggers. I don't even know where to begin with the Virginia Flaggers. Every one should meet them in person. Very kind and honorable people.


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