Saturday, December 14, 2013

Whiteness, Schmiteness

 LibertyLamprey asks, "What exactly is white culture and white heritage?"

What I think it is really isn't germane to the conversation because the white culture and history mentioned in my memes refers to whatever it is about whiteness that leftists object to and put down. In other words, my memes take issue with what critics of white culture and history say it means. (Note, neither of my memes mention heritage, so one has to wonder why Lamprey brought it up.)

Thus, when I say it's okay for white people to like white people and associate together, I do it to counter a cultural meme in our country that implies, and sometimes says, that this is racist, and racism is evil, so white people who like each other and associate together are evil racists.


Here's another example of the concepts I'm talking about, and countering, that certainly aren't mine. Simpson sez, "Race often comes to mind when it comes to non-white people..." (comes to who's mind? His? Obviously. He just admitted it.) "... which, I’d suggest,** is part of what some scholars call whiteness studies: I don’t see whiteness as the norm (certainly not in the United States). But I don’t honor heritage or history (or criticize it) based on issues of color and race: again, it’s content (behavior, character, action) that interests me."

What this ignores is that the political and cultural thought being pushed on Americans today is not so nobly colorblind as Simpson professes to be, and it does honor heritage or history (or criticize it) based on issues of color and race.

Whiteness studies and critical race theory are "academic disciplines" that have been fabricated wholly or mostly in the 20th century to facilitate the transformation of the USA from a constitutional republic to a socialist democracy and eventually to pure communism. The target is the dominant cultural group that made the country such a success -- at least, in the eyes of those who wish to tear it down --  so that group is especially targeted. (Note, those who see the dominant cultural group as a target do not view as a success the country created largely by that group.)

One of the most schizoid aspects of leftist "whiteness" concepts is the claim that there is no such thing as race -- thus, there can be no such thing as the white race, but the white race is responsible for most ot humanity's evils. This is like the atheist who says to God, "You don't exist, and I hate you!"

I don't believe in "whiteness" anymore than I believe in "blackness' or "redness" or "brownness" or "yellowness." I believe there are people; I believe they can be grouped and classified according to certain characteristics (many, many more than mere color), the way we group and classify nearly everything else, from book genres to living things, from stars and planets to dialects and accents, from cars to clouds. In fact, classifying and categorizing according to various characteristics is a huge part of what science is.

The color-ness concept is designed to reduce or remove people's peopleness -- all their other classifiable and categorizing traits -- and assign to them a positive or negative status depending on what color group they are assigned to, and whether their group need to be emasculated in order to bring about the socialist utopia.

This is a wholly leftist undertaking, and largely an academic one, because academic leftists are eaten up with race, race, race, race, race (Simpson's ludicrous denial and explanation notwithstanding) and because they can influence their students to go out to "change the world."

And they call us racists.

So, Lamprey, how do you define white culture and white heritage? However you define it, that's what I'm talking about.

Howling and baying at Crossroads floggerette peanut gallery comment thread to commence in

**He would suggest? He doesn't know? Isn't there somebody at ASU that teaches it he can call?

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  1. Well Ms Connie, It looks as if the yankees have dropped their drawers and ran once again. Funnily and in comparison, you didn't have to ban anyone for any reason. All you had to do was make the entertainment too hot for their liking! I wonder why they couldn't do likewise at any of their blogs? Maybe the truth is too much, too hot for them and it needs to be suppressed, don't ya think that is why they do it?

    I'm still waiting on ole Bwooks, but he'll never face me. None of the Court Historians and History Revisionists will. I have yet to lose to any one of them.

    Also funnily, I was doing similar to my college professors over 30 years ago. Not on a whole subject, but rather on specific points of a topic. I literally drove them to cussing. I really did! One of the fondest memories of my life was after correcting a professor, which I had drove him to yelling, cussing and stomping his feet and wringing, throwing his hands. After class the whole class came up and thanked me, then invited me to lunch as a celebration. Several of the class said they were afraid to confront the professor in that manner, to that degree because they needed to pass that class. All of them agreed I was right and put the professor in his place. One girl came up to me and hugged and kissed me on the cheek, telling me she was proud of me standing up for the regular every day person who was never listened too. I remember her saying, "If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything." and she was proud I stood up for her and them.

    Bwook, Corey Darling and RoboCop, as well as the rest of'em can run, hide and take their potshots all day long, but time is running out and there will come a day they can no longer hide. They will be made to face reality and the truth. And they will BOW to it, I guarantee! But who knows, somewhere I may corner one of'em again, or another of their minions. But I digress, until such a time as they are made to submit to the truth, they can lie to the whole world and get away with it. Geez, they can even get paid for it!

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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