Monday, December 9, 2013

Olustee ... Again

Writing about the proposed Olustee monument to federal soldiers, Brooks D. Simpson sez, 'My, my, Mr. Edgerton, I wonder why you don’t see slavery in quite the same way … or was it okay for “your” folks of the south land to rape, rob, steal, kill, and murder innocent men, women, and children as part of slavery? Guess you don’t mind that."

Two completely different subjects. Nevertheless, I'll point out to Brooks D. Simpson that Southerners, by and large, did not go to Africa and steal slaves -- some of the the ancestors of some federal soldiers did that (primarily, the New England maritime flavor of yankees). The huge, vast majority of the folks of the South did not rape, rob, steal, kill and murder innocent men women and children as part of slavery, or for any other reason. Most slaves -- men, women and children -- were not raped, robbed, stolen, killed and murdered.

The black/slave population of USA grew at basically the same rate as the white/free population. Even during the war, with its disease and privation, the black population grew about seven percent, according to once source I've encountered, while the population of Southern white males was dramatically reduced by combat and disease. Honor the people responsible for that? Odious idea.

The reason there is no place in America to memorialize yankee soldiers is because they had no business being down here, period. They were not an honor to the USA. They should not have come south to kill Southerners, and because they did, they do not deserve a monument.


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  3. What are you doing here? So you lied when you said you were "saying so long" until next year?

    The difference, Corey, is that there would have BEEN no Gettysburg if the federals had not been in the South for years, raping and killing and burning.

    This is the United States of America, which was wrong back then, and continues to be wrong in a growing number of ways.

  4. I see you're going back to your old ways Connie.

    "if you won't let me be right, I'll delete your comments"

  5. Rob,

    I deleted the comments...I can't take her stupidity any longer...she is the ultimate lost cause.

  6. "Lamprey ends with, "My question would be to Connie that does she have any issue with this level of anti-Semitism?" (He's referring to comments by Mike Lamb.) "If she has no issue or problem with it, then she is an enabler and/or she agrees with it."

    Odd how people can comment on something I write not knowing what I am actually writing about.

    I had hoped that one of the Bwooks minions would see this as an easy target to directly attack me, but they've become too timid. (Yes it was bait.) So someone not even posting here has to comment elsewhere, where I do not know I need to defend myself.

    First off, I never mentioned being anti-Semitic. I said *KHAZAR*. Do you minions know the difference between a Jew and a Khazar? Nope! And I'll add gas to the fire by saying; I am also anti-Zionist, but OTOH I know many Jews that are also anti-Zionist. There are actually groups of them that are! So I ask; Does that make me anti-Semitic?

    Ms Connie raises some interesting points:
    "I don't read most of Mr. Lamb's comments, as they're usually addressed to a specific person and most of them are too long to read. However, (1) not censoring his posts is neither enabling nor agreeing with them..."

    I always wondered about the censoring of posts. At the SHPG page several months ago I had Bwooks on the ropes again, although I will admit I was writing in a severely insulting manner to him. However I never ever threatened him in any way. My insults were actually intended to mock and taunt him because of his weak knowledge and inability to deal directly with my comments. (Bwooks is actually quiet weak in the philosophical realm as it concerns history. Otherwise he is more capable than his followers and about equal to his peers such as McPherson.)

    All he could do was personally attack me. In return I attacked him, mocking and taunting him, while actually asking him to PLEASE answer my questions. Out of nowhere my posts and the entire thread was pulled. (Bwooks done exactly as Ms Connie noted he had done her previously. He answered her assetions in his own way on his blog without ever directly confronting her.) No reasons or explanations were given for the thread being pulled. Nor have I figured the basis for this without any notification.

    As a matter of record I DO NOT in any WAY, SHAPE, SIZE or form physically threaten anyone, nor do intend too. It is simply not needed. Not peeing on someone if they were on fire is NOT a threat. I am simply NOT going to be inflicting physical pain on another. OTOH it doesn't mean I have to help anyone either! I have seen much worse threats relayed by the liberal yankees, and NOTHING done to the perpetrators.

    I do confess I do write too much. The world was NOT created or made by a sound byte, and neither is history. But it is taught as such by the Marxist teachers and professors today. They don't wish you to have a full understanding of what they're actually teaching, only the gist of what they are espousing for you to remember. This is the full reason for the NEW *Common Core* standards that are being pushed.

    I have read many times from other scholars that app. 50% of the history you're exposed to, from education and the media, that it's made up of mis-truths, distortions and outright lies. Over the last 40 years or so I've seen this clearly. Sadly it cannot even begin to be addressed and corrected with a sound byte, or thousands of them. This shows they're at least two mindsets opposing each other in society, each having its' own version of history. It must be up to the individual to determine which is right.

    It's for this same reason we have the duality of man and this duality is DISTINCT between two regions of the usa, North and South, with each region having a majority of people believing one way and opposing the other. We ARE NOT the same people, which has been one of my main themes since I first wrote here.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  7. What a bunch of B.S. You claim victory in your small mind. If you've got the gall to make such comments, then at least have the courage to own up to them instead of deflecting.

  8. Rob Baker "RoboCop" has left a new comment on the post "Olustee ... Again":

    "What a bunch of B.S. You claim victory in your small mind. If you've got the gall to make such comments, then at least have the courage to own up to them instead of deflecting."

    You say it's BS? You say I claim victory? What did I just get through explaining to you about naming the boat? Are you that dense? Or is it, you're that conceited and vain? Either way you can't even begin to directly attack my comments, instead continually attacking the messenger. You're too ignorant to realize that once you attack the messenger without directly addressing the message, you're automatically conceding defeat. If my message was that full of BS and as flimsy as you're *pretending* it to be, you'd have NO problem making me look like a real fool by discrediting the message instead of personally attacking me. You didn't discredit my message, YOU can't. You didn't even address it! Therefore it is YOU who is full of BS!

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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