Friday, December 20, 2013

Hate and Bigotry -- Andy-Style

I've noted recently that Andy Hall hasn't exhibited the level of obsession with the Virginia Flaggers that Simpson exhibits.  That doesn't mean Andy's totally silent.  Over at Simpson's Carnival of Malice, he recently posted this:

Ah, yes, the trailer trash/slash/white trash stereotype of (white) Southerners.

We know from past history, that Andy has problems with images like this (although they are at least useful to bash white Southerners and Southern heritage folks):

But based on his statement above, presumably he would nave no problem with these:

So with his trailer park comment indicating that he's comfortable, even jocular, with hateful stereotypes of white Southerners -- trailer trash, white trash -- can "inbred" be far behind? How long before we see images like this, or links to them, on his flog, or in his comments at other floggers flogs?


Note: the bottom image is found numerous places online with accompanying text indicating the image depicts the effects of incest and inbreeding. Do a Google image search on the term Southern Inbreeding and this image comes up several times. But the only "South" it is associated with is South Africa. This photo was taken in Western Transvaal in 1993 by photographer Roger Ballen.The subjects are twins, Dresie and Casie. Various discussions on the Internet indicate that their physical deformity is not the result of incest or inbreeding but likely due to Fragile X syndrome, which is a genetic defect inherited from mothers and has nothing to do with inbreeding.


  1. Gotta be careful with that BLACK picture, people like *Dandy* Andy mite think you're racist by posting such.

    I also wonder if he considers all those West Virginians living in *mobile homes* as *trailer trash*, or the rest of the country? BTW-- I knew a junior executive of fairly large US company who lived in a *trailer*. Does that make him *trailer trash* also?

    Andy is a *Dandy* alright! In regards to his *trailer trash* remarks, it makes me wonder; Is Dandy Andy a bigot and or something worse? We already know he is a Marxist, so I guess anything else is possible.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  2. Maybe Brooks Simpson can give him some good Christian instruction on the evils of bigotry and hypocrisy...

  3. Andy has had a Bee in his Bonnet ever since he took the bogus VDOT camera post I made and claimed victory in finding the location of the I-95 flag.

  4. Hall is probably the most pathetic sort among the assorted nuts at the floggersphere. He's their token Southern boy playing the part of an elitist.

  5. You know, considering that Simpson and his floggerettes get unhinged simply because somebody says it's okay for white people to like and associate with white people, imagine the response to this -- Southern heritage advocates post on their blogs photos like the ones I posted here -- only they ridicule and stereotype black people instead of white ones.

    We would never hear the end of the howling and screeching, the bitching and moaning....

  6. Are the above photos from Southern Ohio? Looks like some places I've been and seen

  7. Why I done invited Andy to come over and play Lawn Darts and drink a few PBRs, shucks we can put them glow sticks on the Darts and play after dark.
    The city cut the water off to my trailer ( I guess they want me to pay the bill ) But it's OK I hooked up a keg of beer to the spigot.

  8. OK Ms Connie, BR and TC.

    We're seeing the stereotyping of Bwooks and his Marxists, but let's put an update to it concerning Current Events.

    We've heard about Phil Robertson and his remarks concerning gays, and how A&E banned him from the show, temporarily. And the latest on this is Cracker Barrel joined A&E in pulling Phil's products off their shelves. The whole thing is causing quiet a stir.

    But I ran across this video of Phil Robertson and his family. It was so good I made some comments on it and passed it on through my contacts list.

    The point I want to make as it concerns this thread is also what I mentioned in my letter I passed along.

    But I'll add here, people in the Northern usa and West Coast look upon the Robertsons as Rednecks and *generally* lacking, of which people elsewhere, say like Bwooks, RoboCop, Corey Darling and Andy Dandy look down upon such people simply by their dress and talk. So here is you another stereotypical Southern family which the Marxist Yankees loves to poke fun at. Well read my letter.

    To my list:
    Every one of you should take the time and look at this video about Phil Robertson and his family. The video is 30 mins long, but give it 5 mins, then if you're not interested, turn it off. However I bet ya'll will look at the whole video once you start.

    Considering everything that family has went through in life, all the problems and troubles, it was ALL for a reason. Of all the bad things Phil went through, and his sons, it was ALL for a reason. While those things were bad, those bad things are now being used by being told by them, showing all of us as an example that God even takes our sins that we commit and uses them for our benefit as well as in justifying His creation of us, His Laws He gave us, His Word (and Scripture) that He gave us, in that believing upon Him our sins will be exonerated. If you're one of His even your own sins *can* be used as a testimony and witness to His Truth in your atonement. You set the ultimate example for others by making an example of yourself, particularly the sins you commit in showing everyone the way and the truth.

    Did you know that Terry Bradshaw was the SECOND string QB to Phil Robertson while in college?

    Go here and scroll down just a bit to watch the video"

    I liked reading the comments too!
    And most you people from *up North* thought Southerners and swamp people were lacking by stereotyping us so much.... It's people like those *Swamp People*, that makes a country, and ya'll can't see it!

    Ms Connie, ya'll understand that Bwooks and his Marxist minions can NEVER in their lifetime understand the deeper meaning of what I wrote. That is because they are spiritually DEAD! This also helps answer our question as to why Bwooks and his Marxists are continually attacking us. BTW-- Have you read Bwook's latest propaganda commentary, "A Note of Sympathy and Encouragement"? That is just real sad... He really is to the point of making me feel so sad for him... He just doesn't have a clue and never will. He's simply so spiritually dead he cannot see even though he has *seeing* eyes that betrays him.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  9. Never say never, Mike Lamb. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

    Mr. Lovejoy, I don't know where those photos were made.

    Dave, I salute you, sir. Your redneck ingenuity amazes me. Right up there on a par with this:

    (That Redneck Auto Thread has some guffaw-worthy stuff... )

  10. I digress, to enter heaven the final judgment is God's, and that is as it should be; but while on this earth the final judgment is mine.... If it were possible I'd judge every hair on his head! Fore every hair carries a number and every number carries a value. We must judge that value on earth to the best of our ability.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  11. I don't want to get into it with you, Mike. I don't mind some types of religious discussion online, but generally speaking, I dislike discussing religion on the internet, especially doctrine, because it's not a good forum for it. I'll just say this and be done. What we are supposed to judge on this earth is behavior and determine what is right and wrong. (And it is not always easy.)

    What we are not supposed to do is judge people in the sense of PASSING SENTENCE on them -- i.e., saying that somebody is going to hell. Only God decides that.

    In earthly courts, judges pass sentence. What good would it do to have a trial, and determine somebody's actions broke the law, but end the trial there, without declaring guilt or innocence, freeing the innocent and sentencing the guilty -- to death, prison, probation, community service, restitution, whatever...

    There are scriptures that indicate Christians are certainly to judge actions/behaviors, since that's all our limited powers of observation can observe (i.e., only God can see the heart and know of any extenuating circumstances we can't know about). Church members, for example, are supposed to judge the abilities of those they appoint to be elders and deacons.

    But the kind of judging we are forbidden to do in Matthew 7 involves passing sentence. And it implies that if we determine something that someone did is wrong, and we condemn them (i.e., judge them, sentence them) then the same determination and sentencing will be applied to us for the same infractions.

  12. Let me clarify my last sentence above:

    But the kind of judging we are forbidden to do in Matthew 7 involves passing sentence. And it implies that if we determine someone did a wrong thing, and we condemn them (i.e., judge them, sentence them) rather than judging the action or behavior (known as separating the sin from the sinner) then the same determination and sentencing will be applied to us for our actions or behavior.

    (The content of these two posts, BTW, is my personal opinion.)


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