Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Charlie Sheen's Tirade Against Phil Robertson Doesn't Matter....

Humanity-depleted and integrity-deficient Charlie Sheen....

has a drug-and-alcohol-addled brain
is a high-school drop-out
is a domestic (wife) abuser
is a lunatic 9/11 truther
is a berserker property-destroyer

There's more, but that's sufficient to establish that he's many, many rungs below Phil on the human decency and intelligence ladder...

(To be continued.)

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  1. This is the same reference as was given to Bill Gates in his quest to reduce world population. He's glorifying the WHO and Monsanto for trying to reduce the worlds population. Though not necessarily by humane or honest conditions. He gave a speaking lecture on this and he was quoted all over the place for being so progressive and forward thinking in wanting to help reduce the population.

    They had a lot of negative remarks against ole Bill at a tech website I visited, and I was one of'em. The main point being, Gates was a college dropout who was actually failing courses except computer related. He was a goof ball and nerd who few liked.

    In his business, *Microshaft* he stole patents, ideas and hardware engineering (He actually stole DOS and started his fortune there. Microshaft being the world's most litigated company.) people thinks he has the intelligence and ability to PLAY social engineer, and play with the lives of billions of people. Gee I thought he was already doing that by working with the government? The final point being, after all the above, the last thing in the world Bill Gates qualifies for is being a sociologist. The exact same principles applies to Charles *Not-So Shiney* Sheen. Yet the dumbed down public is now so brain dead they take these idiots as gospel! I am afraid the planet is past saving...

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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