Sunday, December 15, 2013

Guest Post from a Facebook Friend and Fellow Southron

(After reading this post by Carl on Facebook, I messaged him and asked if I could make it a guest post here at Backsass. He graciously consented.  I'm pleased to present it to my readers.  ~Ed.)

Laughing Off The Ignorance Of Professor Simpleton

 Carl W. Roden 
(the man the Deniers fear most)

Wow looks like I am famous. I made a troll's hate page because....(wait for it) I wrote and reposted fanfiction that is 14 years old and that I wrote when I was 23. LMFAO!

It seems instead of attacking my differing views on how best to remember the War Between the States, a tenured college professor actually took the time to google my name and find fanfiction I wrote for one of my all-time favorite cartoon series and attacked it, and by extension an entire fanfiction community.

Now anyone who knows me or is a Facebook friend already knows this about me. I am a huge animation fan, especially Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Pixar, Dreamworks and some Japanese anime shows and movies, particularly the work of Studio Gibli. I make no secret of it. I enjoy comics, but then again so does Kevin Smith and plenty of guys much older than me. I mean am I a huge nerd because I secretly want to build a scale model of the original Enterprise bridge in one of my guest rooms....okay, maybe, but still, compared to all of that writing fanfiction stories is a rather minor hobby, one shared by nearly a million people in America and others across the world.

Also add to the fact that this well known and allegedly highly respected historian did not bother to do proper research on either the fanfiction involved, nor on the Hey Arnold fanfiction community. Had he done so he would know that the show (which ran from 1996 to 2003 on Nickelodeon) has been the subject of a number of proposed spinoffs involving the main characters as teenagers that, although never put into production, are fodder for a number of fanfiction stories. 
I threw my hat in the ring around 2000, or so, and wrote a pair of fanfiction stories set in that storyline that came under the scrutiny of this internet stalker because it contains content that is rated PG-13 for suggestive themes....nevermind the fact that its clearly stated the characters are both 17 in the introductions to the stories. The stories were both posted at in 2003 three years AFTER then were written by a 23 year old guy who just wanted to write stories that other hardcore fans of a particular television series would appreciate.

However, in spite of all of this, or perhaps just in ignorance, and in an effort to attack me personally all because the man has failed on almost every occasion to win a debate on Civil War history with me, and to amuse his peanut gallery of like-minded anti-Southern bigots, this moron decided to post one-sided uninformed accounts of a couple of my oldest stories and now appears to be sitting back to watch his own loosely-wound collection of ass kissers imply that I write pornography. This despite the fact that any clear reading of the stories involved shows no descriptive accounts of sex, rather it simply jumps from point a to point b and glosses over the details, except for emotions that one or the other character felt (both stories were told from first person POV and one was a sequel from the opposite POV).

Indeed many of the people who likewise write fanfiction for the show have expressed many times over the years how my written fanfiction stories inspired them to write and one told me not long ago that she was so inspired that she intends to work on her own young adult novel series. Both of these stories, as well as other fanfiction I have written about the show. have received high praise from many people, including some of the writers for the show, cast members, and indeed the creator of the series himself. Those stories and messages mean more to me than the dry amusement of a mere college professor and a few high school teachers and Socialist marks who have to troll into the gutter for their entertainment.

In fact, my fanfiction has opened the door for me to the literary world as a couple of fans of the show reading my stories have offered to introduce me to a few literary agents when I complete the science fiction and young adult novels I am working on. Perhaps if one of my novels, once published, receives a literary award, I will forward an autograph copy of one of the first editions to the dear professor. The YA books are going to be for 14 and up, hopefully that isn't too advanced for him or his peanut gallery, LOL!

Sorry Professor Simpleton, but if mocking 14 year old fanfiction is the best you can come up with to either embarrass or to offend me personally, it was an Epic Fail....actually if he'd found my anime cosplay photos I'd really be red-faced - ever seen a 35 year old bald guy dressed like Aang from The Last Airbender complete with painted on arrow tattoos? God I'm such a nerd! Well in my defense I wasn't the only one at Comic Con doing so. (He he)

Nice try children, but I'm afraid you have to do a hell of a lot better. And next time you feel the need to troll come after me instead of dragging an entire writing community along for the ride. Of course, that would mean that this lowly college professor would have to have a pair of nuts....I won't hold my breath.


  1. Carl, what I can't understand is; why people as a whole can't see Bwooks for the real person he is? He does absolutely NOTHING by the way of trying to educate an audience, instead trying to smear and create ad hominem attacks on people and their ideology he doesn't like. It's as I have said before, people do this because they have underlying motives, and Bwooks isn't doing this for no good reason.

    I hope Bwooks does go back and read my posts from the late 90s and before. He will find that I stay fairly consistent in what I write, what I believe and who and what I attack.

    The main reasons I attack Bwooks: He is a degenerate using a title for his own self interests, and those self-interests are to the detriment of people like us, which makes him an evil person. (The sin is in actually committing these acts.) His twisting and lying of the truth doesn't sit well with me either, especially when he does so to belittle another or in revising past history. And what really gets me going is that he attacks people I identify with. There is nothing worse you can do to pee me off than to personally and harmfully try and attack one of my friends.

    If people only knew Bwooks for what he really was, he would be in a totally different situation today. Our roles would be reversed, which is the way things used to be. But I digress, the Marxists have won the minds of the ignorant people, including those not qualified to vote due to lack of intelligence. They claim their superiority not by morals or righteousness, but by the whims of the moment, whatever profits their ultimate goals and pockets. Such a immoral ideology cannot withstand the tests of time. People will revolt against it, and due to its' own shear weight of folly, it will collapse upon itself. Maybe Bwooks and his minions should study the History of Rome and Greece a lot more in order to see what road they are forcing their country down? But I suppose they already have tried to make allowances for those past errors. So they do the same things all over again. So, don't expect him or his minions to stop any time soon.

    As Napoleon once said, "You can't argue with an educated fool, you shoot them." Napoleon wasn't a fool by any means, but he wasn't right either. Maybe the lesser of two evils...

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  2. The worst part is I seriously doubt that people like Professor Simpleton will ever be held to account for the damage they do to people.

    I mean eventually society may turn against him and his kind in the next couple decades, or so, but he will never be subject to the full force of political correctness thrown at him. The double-standards these people apply to themselves protects their real hateful attitudes.

    By our nature as Conservatives, Christians and Southerners we would not use opportunities to crush these people using the same tactics and they know this and use our sense of honor and morality against us.

    I mean legally I suppose I could technically sue Simpleton and his flock of simple-minded morons for defamation of character, but since his actions don't seem to be having any real effect on my life I could not claim any real damage to reputation. I mean I showed this to my employers and they just guffawed the whole thing - I did get a few good-natured ribs from coworkers who want me to write a account of Spongebob and Sandy "doing the nasty" but I politely declined siting that nobody needed that mental image (and besides I think such stories already exist at several fanfiction sites but don't take my word for it).
    Nobody but these people take this stuff they are saying about me, David, Susan, and anyone else too seriously.

    Crossroads is nothing more than a cheap comedy blog and Simpleton's own reputation is pretty much secure because apparently those who think he's a real man or authority on history seem to separate his BS comedy blog from the real life guest speaker and college professor. As near as I can tell the only people who take the blog seriously are a small collection of social nobodies.

    His personal attacks on me and other heritage defenders are not meant to be attacks on our ideals since he and his followers don't win in the arena of ideals, but rather meant to inspire reactions, no different than a gang of middle school bullies do when targeting specific people they consider weak.

    Nevermind that the specifics of the attacks are ill-informed and can objectively be discounted, they aren't meant for the general public, rather they are meant for like-minded Tools.

    All you, I, David, Connie, Susan, and everyone else can do is laugh them off since they carry no real weight, or any real substance.

  3. Okay so its been two whole days going on three and still I've heard nothing from any of the Tools over at the flogger peanut gallery...guess that only confirms that my title is still valid, I truly am the "Guy The Deniers Fear Most".

  4. Carl,
    All you, I, David, Connie, Susan, and everyone else can do is laugh them off since they carry no real weight, or any real substance."

    Of course *WE* know and can laugh these people off. If that were only the case, I wouldn't be here. I've heard other Southerners of academia say similar to you. But everyone keeps over-looking one simple fact. Bwooks and his *educated* peers and minions actually controls the educational system of this country. These Marxists actually control everything pertaining to the country. They control education, the media, politics, economy and for all practical purposes they control the basis of religion.

    Karl Marx taught how to control the first 4. The fifth comes automatically by controlling the other 4. In essences they have created their own religion, yet they also have corrupted the pulpits with the education from seminary schools. Strangely Marx was an atheist and didn't believe in religion from a spiritual faith standpoint. Yet he created or better stated, he expanded on a religion that actually denies other religions.

    My point from this is, society in general has absolutely no clue to the extent they are being dumbed down and brainwashed. They are misled by making issues that seemingly appeal to them, from which, sadly, there shouldn't even be an issue!

    It is a trait of human nature, and the very evil that Marx denies, that man envies the material wealth of others. Accordingly man will always vote for anything that he assumes he would profit from. (Example; ObammieCare*. The AHA would have NO supporters and would die in its' tracks if everyone thought it would cost them more than they would benefit from it. This is the tool the Marxists have always used so effectively in trying to gain as many IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED, ILLITERATE and even ILLEGAL ALIENS and the DEAD to vote in elections under the guise of Democracy!

    The commonality among the above is none of these people have little material wealth to speak as it concerns the American lifestyle. Yet they are promised a materially easier and more satisfying life by voting and following the Marxist concepts of *spreading the wealth* so-to-speak.

    None of the above people would qualify as being *VESTED* and *QUALIFIED* as a voter in the old USofA because it would be immoral to let them vote. They would NEVER vote in the best interests of the country, but only for themselves and we see the results of this today. Anyone who disagrees here is spiritually dead to the point they cannot see the evil before them. (Having NO Commonsense.)

    It is Bwooks and his crowd of demons that keeps this alive and helps propagate it! He supports it! And he openly shows this support by his attacks on a moral people that opposes immoral government, such as one that let's unqualified and unvested people vote. This is to the extreme that he revises history and commits personal attacks against others who opposes these vile and evil acts.

    I simply write against him in order to show what sane people there are left that there is a real difference between right and wrong and that it is so vast that it in itself helps prove God Himself, and that there is such a thing as evil and demons. Even a child has great instincts in understanding or accepting the truth when told. As the saying goes, I'm fishing for people. Trying to set an example distinguishing good from evil along the way. Bwooks makes the near perfect object for me making an example out of him, and that is all! He is that arrogant, vile and evil.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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