Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Corey Has Quit Me. Again.

I'm despondent. Can you tell?

How many times has he done that? His latest announcement at his flog featured what floggers love best -- denigrating the intelligence of people they disagree with or disapprove of.  Sez Corey, "I just cannot comprehend how one person can be this stupid." Then he sez, "She complains about so much of what has been fully documented to her but she refuses to learn from her mistakes."

I thought I had explained it to Corey, but maybe I didn't. First, most of what he considers to be mistakes I've made is just his opinion, and second, as for "fully documented" --  I very likely do not agree with the documentation he provides, or I consider it incomplete, not "fully," and I accept documentation that he rejects, which offsets his documentation. Simple as that. Academic-type floggers try to limit or restrict information by recognizing only what they agree with and calling it legitimate, while attempting to de-legitimize sources or writings they disagree with.

LibertyLamprey then attempts to analyze my mental health with a comment that I can only describe as pathetically out of touch with reality. First, he doesn't know me. Second, he filters online information about me through his extremely distorted perception.

I have "buckets of struggles," he sez, "in the mental health and social skills department." (Buckets of struggles? LOL, articulate feller, isn't he?) Lamprey, no, you're just not unaccustomed to dealing with pure cussedness and don't know how to handle it, so you resort to the leftist's first and last response -- ridicule and denigrating an opponent's intelligence.

Two can play at the psychoanalysis game, and though I wouldn't attempt to analyze an individual I don't know, I'm very comfortable analyzing a response leftists display repeatedly, almost by rote, or their motives, agenda, or character as revealed by their content online. Stay tune for that in upcoming posts.

Lamprey ends with, "My question would be to Connie that does she have any issue with this level of antiSemitism?" (He's referring to comments by Mike Lamb.) "If she has no issue or problem with it, then she is an enabler and/or she agrees with it."

I don't read most of Mr. Lamb's comments, as they're usually addressed to a specific person and  most of them are too long to read. However, (1) not censoring his posts is neither enabling nor agreeing with them and (2) there are all kinds of things I disagree with or agree with that Lamprey knows absolutely nothing about. .

"This wouldn’t be an issue except that isn’t she supposed to be a spokesperson for the Flaggers or something?"

Nope. I upload their content to their blog. On my blog, I speak for myself, nobody else.

A few other things of mild interest have recently transpired in the floggosphere. I'll address them when/if I get time.

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  1. No doubt he will do so for a bit, like he made up that charge against Tatum and someone else allegedly threatening his family and "quitting" the blogging thing.


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