Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jingoism on Display

Over on his blog, Jingoist Al Mackey sez the Lincoln statue at Tredegar (known by some at the time it was erected as the Ape and Chimp statue) is not illegal simply because its financing was illegal.

But just imagine the unending screeching from Mackey and his fellow floggers if "neo-Confederates" had similarly illegally financed a proConfederate statue or display?

In fact, all you have to do is look at the great gusts of harangue, harassment and persecution of the Virginia Flaggers for not getting a permit for the I-95 flag (because, as the county admitted, its ordinances are not clear on that). These black-hearted wretches think that is a worse violation than the U.S. Historical Society's Ape and Chimp scam.... At least, judging by how much pixel-ink they've given each one.
The floggers are haters. Haters and attempted persecutors of people who have never done ANYTHING to them. I mean, really, what have the VaFlaggers EVER done to Al Mackey?

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