Friday, April 18, 2014

Kill Whitey -- Liberty Lamp's Death Fetish

This photo was posted on Liberty Lamp(rey)'s Twitter feed, along with some other death-themed images. What are we supposed to think -- that s/he's just kiddin'?

You can see the others here.

So how come Brooks D. Simpson allows comments from people who have blatantly promoted race-based violence and death? I mean, if he's gonna hold Southern heritage folks responsible for everything spoken/written by anyone who waves a Confederate flag, or who doesn't wave a Confederate flag if they're racially violent, should he not be held to the same standard?

We've already seen that he allowed a registered sex offender to freely post in his comments while tolerating the lies about "kid touchers" from B. Parks.

Apparently, we're dealing with folks who think some violence and murder is more or less important that other violence and murder, depending on the color/race of victims and perps.

So, yes, I have good reason for believing he wants, or would welcome, and seemingly has no trouble with subtly encouraging, misfortune, even violence, against the VaFlaggers.

(And as I have noted before, that is one ugly broad in that picture. Needs a shave, too.)


  1. Wow that picture looks exactly how I envision B Parks in my mind....that or the lady with the neck brace that Jim Varney played in the Ernest movies.


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