Saturday, August 29, 2015

Congrats to the Southern Strong Group

Reports and pics of Saturday's 100-mile run are starting to show up on the group's Facebook page. I wasn't able to make the run, but I was there in spirit.

Write up in the  Northwest Florida Daily News a few days before the run:

And a fantastic pic -- just one of many fantastic pics on  Facebook.

Shortly after the Pensacola run on July 19, people began asking when there would be another run.  And thanks to the success of that one, and this one, there will  no doubt be others. But hand in hand with runs and rallies goes the behind-the-scenes work of contacting elected officials and other community leaders to stress the importance of correctly understanding our heritage, and to stop the erasure of Confederate flags, monuments, street and park names, etc., because of a false, fabricated connection to a heinous crime.

Keep standing Southern Strong, Northwest Florida!

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