Saturday, August 1, 2015

More Evidence of a Hate Agenda....

I gave this subject some coverage in the comments following an earlier post, but it needs more discussion so...  More from Simpson's agenda of hate found in a new post at XRoads.
Word comes from Atlanta that several Confederate flags popped up at Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Martin Luther King Historic Site, where the civil rights leader was buried.
It appears that the flags didn't "pop up." There were four or so small ones that appear to be the size of stick flags used to decorate headstones. They were laid flat on the ground at various places around the church.

Was anyone hurt? Chased and beaten up? Had bricks thrown at their vehicles? Were any symbols torn from their building?  People supporting their heritage and flag have been hurt, chased, beaten up and had bricks thrown at their vehicles. Flags have been torn down from homes and vehicles.  Do we see the difference between this, and laying some small flags on the ground?

But the media focuses on the flags at the church like it's another shooting, and minimizes the attacks on flag supporters, when it's reported at all. The news of many of these attack had to be reported by alternative media since mainstream news outlets minimize or ignore them.
And so the exchanges continue, with damage being done to Confederate monuments and reports of a series of incidents (several of them videotaped) of people going after Confederate flags, stealing them, defacing monuments, and so on. (And beating people up. Don't forget that, Simpson. Physical violence.) All of this is counterproductive, foolish, and wrong … not just some of this, as someone from Pensacola insists on her hate blog.
I haven't insisted that only some of it was wrong. My emphasis is on those who minimize or ignore when it happens to flag supporters. Simpson has been beating a couple of dead horses (one of them Mr. Agnor's ad, which would not prohibit Karen from attending a flag event on his land; I guess Simpson never heard of exceptions to the rule....) and ignoring the media's winking at the attacks on flag supporters.
As she declares: “I haven’t seen where Simpson condemned or disapproved of threats to people and damage to property connected with the war on Confederate heritage.” I guess she overlooked the posts about “Anonymous CSA,” where someone made threats due to the current controversy. But in the screecher’s world, #onlyConfederateheritagematters.
No, those are the ones I'm asking about because Simpson has ignored them, the same way the mainstream media ignores or minimizes them. Besides, there was no indication that Anonymous CSA hurt anyone, chased and beat them up, threw bricks at them, tore any symbols from their buildings... and the Virginia state police said THERE WERE NO LAWS VIOLATED AND NO THREATS MADE, so his posts about it didn't really condemn or disapprove of threats to people and damage to property because there were no threats and damage.
Nor is she a careful reader … but enough with such tripe.
Well, one might conclude that somebody who misses a highly relevant passage in a news report (that the state police said there were no threads made and no laws violated) is not a careful reader; but I don't think Simpson missed that passage from lack of careful reading. He is ignoring them so he can paint whoever Anonymous CSA is as some evil, sinister, malevolent threat.
Someone please explain to me how what happened at Atlanta reflects paying homage to the service of Confederate soldiers. You would think that if the Sons of Confederate Veterans deplores the incorrect use of the Confederate flag, the new chief of heritage operations would be on this in a flash.
It is a misuse of the flag but more than that, it is likely a crime, and the cops are on it. Simpson loves to attribute thoughts and beliefs to people he can then use to denigrate or condemn them, but I have seen nothing from the SCV indicating that they approve of such misuse of the flag, and that's enough for most normal people who don't have a smear agenda....
I suspect we’ll hear someone declare this is a “false flag operation.” We’ll see.
It's certainly a possibility and so it can't be ruled out. But this is another case where it is best to wait and see what the investigation by proper authorities discovers....

I can't close without including this comment at XRoads by the schizoid Sandi Saunders:
As I always say, they are their own worst enemy and they are too damned stupid to realize it. They shame the Confederacy and the South.
"They" who, Sandi?  You sound like you know who "they" are.  So, do you know who did this? Have you reported your knowledge to the authorities in Atlanta? Or are you following the bigot's path and lumping all heritage folks -- the tens of thousands of them you have never met and don't know -- in with whoever did this incident at the church, based on your whim, or on the influence of your flogger and floggerette friends?

She claims that she loves the South and honors Confederates the RIGHT way, but what's really funny is that the people she hangs around with online -- the civil war left -- hate the Confederacy, its soldiers and everything connected with it. They believe the South and the Confederacy were evil, demonic, and should be hated and dishonored and all memory of them eradicated. I wonder if she sincerely cannot see that....


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    1. Brooks D. Simpson, Professor of History at Arizona State University, owner and administrator of the hate-blog Crossroads, hater of the Confederacy, and those who honor Confederate heritage, particularly the Virginia Flaggers (look in the left sidebar <== at the almost 300 posts or comments at his blog about the Virginia Flaggers and their leader, Susan Hathaway -- posts and comments full of lies, denigration, harassment, persecution ... and did I mention lies?

      He hates me, too, and has posted numerous lies about me at his blog. Using a fraudulent profile, he posted fraudulent reviews of my novels at Amazon (fraudulent because he hasn't read them, and admitted he hasn't read them)...

      I still can't figure out why the blog of a retired insurance claims secretary in Florida is of such vital interest to an academician and author and guest on C-Span and such... I guess his hatred of Confederate heritage is so strong, even my little blog must be targeted....


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