Tuesday, August 25, 2015


From The Smoking Gun
Confederate Flag Thief Nabbed By Florida Police -- Video of heist was filmed by cohort, uploaded to Facebook

AUGUST 24--The man who was filmed tearing down a Confederate flag hanging outside a Florida residence has been arrested on theft charges, according to police who have yet to collar the alleged thief’s videographer/getaway driver.

Dejerrian Dequan Murray, 24, was busted last week in connection with the July 11 flag theft at the Bradenton home of Robin Eaker, a 57-year-old Tropicana employee. Murray was charged with misdemeanor theft and freed on $2000 bond, according to court records. Entire report here.

Since some of the floggers have professed to disapprove of this sort of behavior aimed at heritage symbols (and people), we know they'll find it just hunky dory that Dejerrian Dequan was caught ... and are eagerly awaiting news that his accomplice has been found and arrested.

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