Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Destroy Blogger Belatedly Graduates

I've decided to quit using the term, Destroy Blogger... It's so unimaginative. So I'm turning it into a name. De'Stroy. Moreover, I am waaaaay tardy in elevating him to flogger status and his blog to a hate-flog status (if I haven't already done so. I have to admit I could have, and forgot about it. De'Stroy's blog isn't real ... memorable, ya know?)

Tear yourself away from the sewage in your computer, De'Stroy, and go out and celebrate, have a drink... a crap cocktail. It's on me.

So De'Stroy posts a screenshot of my entire blog post and sez,
 "Connie Chastain is mad. She's real mad. She's mad because this blog is chock full of facts she can't dispute. The 'Pensacola Screecher', as she's known to many as, is really, really pissed off about our latest post, because it makes her "Heritage Movement" look like a total joke, and she's the punchline."
Welp, foist off,  I'm not mad. De'Stroy has never seen me mad. One has to wonder  -- as is the case with Simpson and some others -- whether they know they are lying and do so anyway, from a fine disdain for both truth and ethical behavior, or whether they're so deluded by their willing slavery to their ideology that they don't know they're lying....  Y'all's guess about that is as good as mine.

Second, his blog is not chock full of facts, and I have in the past disputed and disproved what he's artfully calling "facts." Yes, some of it is true probably, but it's, you know, irrelevant to Southern heritage.

So he digs up some info on some obscure white supe who was gonna march to Washington carrying a Confederate flag, but quit well ahead of reaching the District of Corruption. And De'Stroy sez his writing about that "...makes her 'Heritage Movement' look like a total joke, and she's the punchline."

See, what De'Stroy doesn't understand -- or understands but ignores -- is that I not only do not know and have never heard of most of the sewage he swims in and the supes he obsesses about on his blog -- I don't care about it, either. Most of the people I know in the heritage community don't know them either. Yes, it is annoying that he uses that crap to attempt smearing good, decent heritage folks but, usually I just remind myself who is doing it and the audience it's intended for.

And, unlike De'Stroy and Simpson and the other floggers and their sick-o-fants, most ordinary folks have sense enough to do a logical assessment of groups of people -- that is, to see how they are both alike and different. And most people with said sense and objectivity know that said assessment will show the groups De'Stroy lusts to lump together don't actually belong together. The superficial linkin' and tyin' type of smear given wide usage by the Socialist Pecunious Lawyer Center has pretty much lost its potency.

The heritage movement only looks like a joke to people artificially portraying it that way. I suppose, if that's the only way to get your kicks ... but you look real pathetic to normal, healthy folks, ya know?

So then he sez Johnny Cooper is my favorite Flagger. I'm sure he knows this isn't true -- I admire Johnny, his march and the reasons he gave for doing it -- but my favorite Flagger, far and away, is Virginia Flagger Susan Hathaway, and coming in a close second behind her is Georgia Flagger Billy Bearden.

So De'Stroy is either lying or mistaken. In either case, do you reckon he will correct his flog?

He also sez "...Johnny is apparently being smeared by the Adolph Hitler loving, Ku Klux Klan supporting, 'Nigger' hating Southern Neo-Nazi Toby Hatfield," a white supe that reportedly marched with Johnny for a couple of days... De'Stroy admits he hasn't been able to verify this with Johnny Cooper...but he posts it as fact and wraps up with, "Now why on earth would Johnny Cooper want to march with this turd?"

(1) Do we know Johnny DID want to do this? (2) Did it actually happen? (3)  If Hatfield did march with Johnny a couple of days, did Johnny even know who he was? (4) And having learned he was Toby Hatfield, did Johnny somehow automatically know Hatfield was a white supe?

See, there's a lot of infantile thinking amongst the Flogger community. Simpson believes if he hasn't read about it on the Internet, it hasn't happened. De'Stroy believes everyone in the Southern heritage community knows as much about white supes as he does. Evidently it never occurs to him that the manure he swims in, bathes in, soaks in day and night, like some kind of crap spa, is sewage to most people and something to be avoided.


  1. "I am waaaaay tardy in elevating him to flogger status and his blog to a hate-flog status."

    It's a hate-flog for sure but doesn't deserve any special notice.

    Various website traffic rankings-

    "Not enough data"
    "No Data"
    6.7M (million)

    My few visits to the site probably jumped it up a couple of million spots.

  2. Ah... well, the status I've awarded the site has nothing to do with its traffic ranking, or lack thereof, though I'm not surprised. The success of anonymous blogging is sketchy. Still, De'Stroy has "earned" his place with the other floggers, sure enough.

  3. Sounds like De' is full of fear.

  4. "A jealous man only sees his own spectrum when he looks upon other men, and gives his character in theirs." - William Penn

  5. That site appears to be associated with onepeoplesproject.com and Mr. Lamp...am I right?

  6. Still waiting on a response from this thug.

  7. De'Stroy and the other Floggers are so far behind us intellectually and ethically, I don't even bother at this point, LOL!

  8. From news 3
    "MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police have arrested the person they say vandalized the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue.

    Friday morning the statue was covered in red graffiti with the word Awgowhat written on it.

    After investigating the scene and questioning different people, Police arrested and charged Leo Awgowhat with desecration of a venerated object and trespass or injury to a cemetery property.
    No word yet on when he will appear in court."

    Could this be the same Leo from Oxford Mississippi, Simpson lap dog? I guess we will have to wait and see what is reported at Simpson's blog


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