Sunday, August 16, 2015

Poor Destroy the Honor Blogger ...

For all his night and day combing of the Internet, he sure is prone to getting things wrong. But then, it's probably by design, because if he stuck strictly to the truth without all the phony linkin' and tyin', his blog would be a fraction of size it is now.

In any case, his latest snafu is mis-identifying who/what we love (and admire) here at Backsass. And when it comes to marches to Washington, our salute goes to Johnny Cooper of Hazel Green, Alabama, who not only set out to march from the Heart of Dixie to the District of Corruption, but actually made it.

Along the way, he had bottles thrown at him, and cars tried to run over him. Thankfully, after those instances (which the hate-heritage bloggers are utterly mute about), a group called 2 Million Bikers to DC, which was founded after 9/11 to honor victims and support armed forces, stepped in to provide security for his march. But of course, flogger types don't criticize those who criticize and threaten heritage folks... And they dare not do anything that portrays heritage folks in a favorable light....
You can find coverage of Johnny's 700+ mile walk at the links below.

Of course, Destroy Blogger isn't interested in this. By all accounts I've seen, Johnny is an ordinary, decent person who is concerned about the alarming state of the country and so he is  utterly useless to people like Destroy Blogger whose aim is to smear, slander and, well, destroy. That is why he harps and carps endlessly on the same handful of white supes and does all his phony linkin' and tyin' -- to try to destroy good, decent Southerners whose "crime" is refusing to spit on their ancestors and heritage and, to the contrary, honor them.

Maybe Destroy Blogger doesn't have a  heritage to honor, so maybe he's jealous. That is often the obvious motivator for heritage haters and critics.  Or, maybe they do have a heritage, but it pales in significance to ours, and doesn't provide much incentive for honor...

In any case, read more about Johnny's march here:

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