Saturday, August 29, 2015

Flag #4 Goes Up in Danville

The peppering continues....

Video of WSET news report on flag dedication in Danville. Click the link below the image to see the video.

Congrats, Virginia Flaggers. And when sullen and disapproving naysayers claim they aren't impressed with your big memorial flags flying beside busy thoroughfares, don't you believe it.  If they didn't care, they wouldn't mention it.

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  1. Connie -
    it could be a Huge Flag by the interstate that is seen by thousands of people daily, or a tiny flag on a grave in the woods, that no one will see, it really doesn't matter.
    As long as we are able to honor our ancestors by putting up a flag, no matter the size or location we will continue to do so.
    The naysayers can hoot and holler, they can call us whatever they want,
    but we know what is in our hearts, and we will continue to honor our ancestors !


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