Wednesday, August 12, 2015

They'll Love This at Xroads

Tajaun Boatner, a 37-year-old black man from Racine, Wisconsin, was arrested after he reportedly forced his way into a home to take down a Confederate battle flag hanging in a window, the Associated Press reported They'll Love This at XRoads

Wednesday. Additionally, Boatner is said to have pushed a woman living in the home in an effort to get the flag.

According to reports, the unidentified victim said she was on her porch when Boatner confronted her over a Confederate battle flag hanging in her kitchen window. He allegedly asked her to remove the flag, which she did, placing it in her bathroom window. That, however, did not suit Boatner, and an argument ensued.

That's when the victim asked Boatner to leave, but he refused. The victim said he walked up on her porch and pushed her down. He then entered her home and removed the flag.  Entire article here.
 So much for the It's-Okay-On-Private-Property claims.  You have masses of people out there who either (a) don't understand the concept of private property or (b) don't have any respect for private property. I think a look at Ferguson, Missouri (twice now), Baltimore, Maryland and numerous other places in the USA tells us which.

Floggers and their sick-o-phants aren't going to acknowledge the increasing black violence against Confederate flag supporters, just like they won't acknowledge the extent of black violence, period. Because dat's way-ciss! So even though it's true, ackowledging is way-ciss.

That being the case for them, they would rather focus on slurs/threats yelled by rednecks in flag-festooned pickup trucks (though said slurs/threats cannot be heard on video) or parades of  young, white hicks in flag-festooned pickup trucks driving real slow through black neighborhoods -- thought the vast majority of flag rides and runs do not do that, easily proved by videos uploaded to YouTube.

But perhaps I should cut them some slack because they're terribly confused ... they can't figure out whether they want to believe heritage folks are diabolically evil, or just stupidly incompetent....  Of course, they can't just acknowledge the truth -- that most flag supporters are neither one and just love and support their heritage. The leftist/liberal/progressive/socialist ideology is positively allergic to acknowledging truth....


  1. Or maybe they glee in in the discord because it doesn't touch their lily white lives as they are secure in their gated communities.Let it get personal then I suspect their position would change. Mr Simpson and his folks care nothing about truth they only care about their own agenda.

  2. True. Also, I should have included Kevin Levin in this ... He loves to see the Confederate flag subjected to smears and targeting, even when it is done lawlessly.

    The floggers and their fellow travelers have a their rigid, narrow-minded view of Southern history and nothing will persuade them away from it. Some of them actually believe their view is correct, I guess, but others are bound to know they are "doing" history purposely to conform to their misbegotten ideology, and they don't care that they are wrong. Pushing the agenda is all that matters.

    1. LOL!

  3. Hey Rblee22468 why don't you us your real name? Could it be you don't believe deeply enough in what you expose to defend it in the light of day or are you a coward like most of the liberals I have known. What are you afraid of? I'm sure you won't respond but I hope I am wrong. Oh well we will see.

  4. 3 days and still no reply from our friend Rblee22468? I guess his momma would not let him stay up since school started again. Maybe he can sneak down to the basement and reply to this post……………Naw I doubt it.


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