Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Reply to Kevin Levin...

...that he of course will not post....
The Confederate flag, and other items of Confederate commemoration, have been the targets of a ongoing smear and dishonor campaign for years, in order to make them "deserving" of removal from public sight. The Confederate flag had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting in Charleston; rather, haters of Confederate heritage took the opportunity afterward to use the shooting to further smear and dishonor the flag and step up official censorship of history.

This isn't "just happening." It is part of an overall war against tradition and conservatism in the USA. Already, the US flag is coming under fire; Democrats are rejecting association with Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. The White House is lit in the adopted colors of the sodomite movement in celebration of the degradation of marriage; "Black Lives Matter" lawlessness is aimed at both a Republican and a Socialist Democrat presidential candidate. And a lot of paycheck-to-paycheck working Joes are rallying behind a multi-billionaire presidential candidate because he is the only one articulating what they believe.

If you think the war against the Confederate flag is the result of some progressive enlightenment coming at last to the people of benighted America, you are sadly mistaken. It is just one component in a much bigger, much more sobering culture war that brings increasingly dire consequences ever closer. 

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