Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mobile, Alabama Jumps the Shark...

...with its new city seal. This eyesore is the result of removing the six flags of the city's history and heritage in the sniveling effort to remove the Confederate flag. 

The old seal, on the left, gave more space behind the inner medallion for the flags. It was balanced, colorful, symbolic and historically correct. The new one increases the size of the inner medallion because you don't need that much white space for just one flag ... a flag that some people say looks like it came from Microsoft Word's clip art gallery.

So the new seal clearly symbolizes not only the city's rejection of its history and heritage -- all the things that made it what it is today. It also clearly symbolizes the city's all too real subjugation by the feds.

How embarrassing for a once proud city, a jewel along the Gulf Coast, to be reduced to being led around by a nose ring...


  1. I see a new organization on the horizon...

    ...the Mobile Flaggers.

  2. Cowardly politicians are running that city.


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