Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Odious Andy Hall

Over on Kevin Levin's flog, following a post about the rally at Stone Mountain, Georgia, the odious Andy Hall, holds forth with several comments, including this one:
... The response over the last few weeks seems to be to do more of the same things that haven’t worked much before — new Facebook groups, more flagging for “fredom,” and terrorizing children’s birthday parties.
"...more flagging for “fredom,” and "terrorizing children’s birthday parties..." are links, and the second one links to this:

Yes, that is indeed a still image of a pickup truck with flags in the truck bed and the driver giving a "thumbs up" sign. That really proves terrorization of a child's birthday party, doesn't it?

He provides no other links, but presumably he's talking about an incident in Douglasville, Georgia reported about in this abysmally slanted NY Daily News article.

Here's another:

But the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's coverage acknowledges that there are a conflicting stories.

And the other stories somehow didn't mention that rocks were thrown at the trucks... an activity we've seen in another video made in South Carolina -- a video you will never see at Levin's flog, or Odious Andy's, and that Odious Andy will never comment on at other people's flogs (except, maybe, to justify black brick-throwing).

Moreover, there is some question about the accuracy of these party-terrorizing reports. Look at these comments, edited from a Facebook thread posted by a heritage supporter:
OK Y'all, More research on the story from Douglasville yesterday about flag waving rednecks crashing a birthday party while wanting to 'kill n*****s".

The claims broadcast Monday of a bunch of racists driving onto private property of a black family who were hosting a birthday party on Chapel Hill Road seem to be falling apart under scrutiny. Please allow me to assist in that effort.

When you saw the 2 videos from yesterday, 2 things were obviously missing - 1) any racial slurs supposedly uttered, and 2) any pictures of a birthday party.

Watch the videos again. The truck drivers were in an open field separated by almost 200 yards distant, hidden by a stand of trees and a paved 2 lane road.
No footage of a birthday party, no children, no cakes and ice cream, no party hats... AJC quotes the party giver as saying, "… If they want to make a statement that these flags mean something to them, I’m OK with that. But you’ve got to do it right. You can’t go around just blatantly terrorizing people.”

I see no "terrorizing" in the videos, either. The response from the "party-goers" is not the response of "terrorized" people, but infuriated, almost out-of-control people. As far as I can tell from the videos, the trucks are just driving past. There are some words exchanged, but it's impossible to tell what the people in the trucks are saying because of the angry screeching of the party-goers.

But you know Odious Andy. Truth doesn't matter to him. Smearing heritage folks is what matters to him, even when it has to be done with, well, lies....

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