Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Short Comment Exchange...

...between RBLEE at Destroy the Honor blog and Yours Truly --

HIM/HER: "Among the participants at the rally at Stone Mountain was the Chairman of the Georgia Chapter of the designated hate group, the League of the South."

ME: Designated? What a silly word. Designated by whom? The Southern Poverty Law Center? Leftists who lie for money....

HIM/HER: Stoker and Sargent are both associated with a group called Empower the Youth/Leadership Now which according to its Facebook page, is a Political Action Committee."

ME: Borrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnng.

HIM/HER: A check of the Sunlight Foundation's Influence Explorer yields no results for "Empower the Youth". So is the group really a PAC, is it raising money, and if so, where is the money going?"

ME: Even MORE borrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnng.

HIM/HER: Listed among rally speakers were ... John C. Hall of Dublin, Georgia (although Hall has denied being a member of the hate group in the past). ... Guess who else was at Stone Mountain? Betcha can't guess! Billy Bearden of the Virginia Flaggers and Haralson Invincibles Sons of Confederate Veterans in Stone Mountain, Georgia."

ME: YAY, John! YAY, Billy!!!!! And don't forget that Billy is an ORIGINAL Georgia Flagger! There's lots and lots and lots and lots of info about the rally online that you didn't mention, didn't even hint at -- thus exposing your lying agenda. All in all, sounds like it was a great rally!

HIM/HER: I'm glad you enjoyed it. What I don't think you're going to enjoy very much are your own associations which will be revealed in time. You continue to make excuses and try and FAIL to cast doubt. You were given an opportunity to put distance between yourself and those covered here, just remember that.

ME: Go ahead. Let's have it. Show me some associations, baby. Lay it on me. Lemme see whatcha got.... But please don't make it borrrriiinnnngggg. Pleeeeeze... I have a reputation to uphold....

HIM/HER: 1) I work on my own timetable. 2) I don't take requests. 3) Don't worry, your reputation will definitely be upheld.

ME: Shoulda known. All talk, no action....


  1. For the SPLC and RBLEE there is an applicable quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer --
    "But the fact that I seek evil in another person reveals that in such judgments I am really seeking to be right myself, that I want to avoid punishment for my own evil by judging another person."

  2. DAY FOUR and still no post at Destroy the Honor "revealing" my "associations."

  3. Did I miss anything ?
    I had to rotate the cinder blocks under my pick up truck and shovel the beer cans outta the back !


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