Wednesday, August 5, 2015

About Dylann Roof....

Does anyone have a link to Dylann Roof's manifesto? The total document? I don't know if what I've found online is the complete document and I want to read the whole thing.

Actually, what I'm looking for is anything he wrote about the Confederate flag, whether in his manifesto or anywhere else. The part of the manifesto that I read had nothing about the flag in it. He did have a couple of short passages about slave owning -- he inaccurately said that only a fourth to a third of people in the South owned even one slave; the figure is more like 12%.

The media has claimed over and over that he had an affinity for the Confederate flag. As far as I can tell, he had three pictures made of himself holding a Confederate stick flag, and one of himself on the hood of his car that had a front tag with flags of the Confederacy on it.  In another, he's standing in front of a museum that has Confederate flags around the entrance but he hs not holding any flags, nor are any showing on his clothing. Unless there are many more images, and much more convincing writing in his manifesto, that is not enough to convince me that the flag had any role in motivating him to commit murder.

I've encountered claims online that the images are edited/manipulated, and there certainly appears to be something to that. Moreover, something about the manifesto (at least, what I read; and I don't know if it was the whole document) doesn't ring true.  He seems rather luke warm and blase about something that supposedly moved him enough to murder nine people...

It would not surprise me in the least to find that manipulators in the government and elsewhere opportunistically took this tragedy as a way to attack and remove Confederate heritage and memory -- not  just the flag -- from America. There's a falseness to the images, too, even if they are not photoshopped. He's always alone in the ones I've seen (except after he was taken into custody). Are all these images selfies? Or was there someone else making the photos, and if so, who?

Unless there is more in the manifesto linking him to the flag in a very fundamental way -- in a way that motivated him -- the one or two sentences I read, and the three or so unreliable images are not enough to establish the flag's link to the motivation for murder. And what that means is that the pushback against the destruction of our heritage needs to continue and grow until it wins.

So if you know of a link where Roof's manifesto can be read in its entirety, please put it in a comment following this post. (what I've read is here:  If you know of any other evidence or indications that the link between Roof and the flag have been manufactured, please post it -- any analysis of the photos for manipulation, any further information about him from other sources. Anything at all -- let me know.


  1. This site shows the typed manifesto. I suppose it's the original document. You can scroll and zoom-in on the pages-

    1. Strange...

      Roof's website- -was hosted on a Russian server.

  2. Connie,
    Question on a side issue - after Roof was arrested he was placed in a room where members of the victim's families were able to address the culprit....and where they "forgave" him.

    I have seen such things in the past but it was always after a trial was over and the person convicted - never before a trial.

    Is my observation correct? Have you ever seen a suspect addressed before a trial?

    1. No I haven't but I haven't watched a lot of trials and courtroom activity. I thought there was something odd about them addressing him and I wonder if it was for the police or other authorities to try to find out something about him...

    2. Regardless I believe the victim's families showed a great deal of class and Christianity in forgiving the piece of trash. That and the fact it pissed off the God-hating Leftists...


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