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Al Mackey, New Flogger (Tentative)

(Keep Staying With Me, Folks ... You'll See Where We're Headed Soon)
UPDATED -- See Update Below

I have provisionally added Al Mackey to the Flogging Bloggers, as seen below, on the basis of a post at his blog, Student of the American Civil War, titled Why Are Neoconfederates Akin to Al Qaeda? (Answer: they aren't. But we'll get back to that in a minute) and on his tendency to echo the content of other flogger blogs -- just like current floggers do....

Mackey's post prompts realization of the necessity of a sub-paragraph for Godwin's Law ("As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1") or, perhaps, a companion law-- call it Connie's Law -- which states, "As an online discussion of Southern heritage by floggers and their echo-bots in comment threads grows, the probability of a comparing white Southerners, heritage advocates, etc., to Al Qaeda and/or other terrorists, approaches 1".

Heritage advocates, when they cheer death at all, cheer the deaths of soldiers in a barbaric army that invaded the Southern states, made war on war on women, children, the elderly, servants and other noncombatants, burned homes, barns, farms, crops in the field, and entire towns, shot pets just for the fun of it, killed livestock and threw the carcasses in streams and wells to contaminate the water, stabled horses in church sanctuaries to show contempt for the religion of Southerners (and for God), and dug up corpses looking for valuables to steal.  In short, they cheer the death of those who exhibited Al Qaeda-like behavior a century and a half ago....

Speaking of Al Qaeda-like behavior -- here's a partial list of Southern towns destroyed by the army from the north, most of them by burning...  Notice how many occurred in fall and winter, forcing civilians to face freezing temperatures without provisions.
 Osceola, Missouri,
 burned to the ground,   September 24, 1861
Dayton, Missouri, burned,
  January 1 to 3, 1862
Columbus, Missouri, burned,
  reported on January 13, 1862
Bentonville, Arkansas,
  partly burned, February 23, 1862
Winton, North Carolina,
  burned, reported on February 21, 1862
Bluffton, South Carolina,
  burned, reported June 6, 1863
Bledsoe's Landing, Arkansas,
  burned, October 21, 1862
Hamblin's, Arkansas,
  burned, October 21, 1862
Donaldsonville, Louisiana,
  partly burned, August 10, 1862
Athens, Alabama,
  partly burned, August 30, 1862
Randolph, Tennessee,
  burned, September 26, 1862
Elm Grove and Hopefield, Arkansas,
  burned, October 18, 1862
Napoleon, Arkansas,
  partly burned, January 17, 1863
Mound City, Arkansas,
  partly burned, January 13, 1863
Hopefield, Arkansas,
  burned, February 21, 1863
Eunice, Arkansas, burned, June 14, 1863
Gaines Landing, Arkansas,
  burned, June 15, 1863
Sibley, Missouri,
  burned June 28, 1863
Hernando, Mississippi,
  partly burned, April 21, 1863
Austin, Mississippi,
  burned, May 23, 1863
Columbus, Tennessee,
  burned, reported February 10, 1864 Meridian, Mississippi,
  destroyed, February 3 to March 6, 1864
Washington, North Carolina,
  sacked and burned, April 20, 1864 Hallowell's Landing, Alabama,
  burned, reported May 14, 1864
Newtown, Virginia,
  ordered to be burned May 30, 1864
Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia
  burned, June 12, 1864
Rome, Georgia,
  partly burned, November 11, 1864
Atlanta, Georgia,
  burned, November 15, 1864
Camden Point, Missouri,
  burned, July 14, 1864
Kendal's Grist-Mill, Arkansas,
  burned, September 3, 1864
Shenandoah Valley, devastated,
  reported October 1, 1864 by Sheridan
Griswoldville, Georgia,
  burned, November 21, 1864
Somerville, Alabama,
  burned, January 17, 1865
McPhersonville, South Carolina,
  burned, January 30, 1865
Barnwell, South Carolina,
  burned, reported February 9, 1865
Columbia, South Carolina,
  burned, reported February 17, 1865
Winnsborough, South Carolina,
  pillaged and partly burned, Feb 21, 1865
Tuscaloosa, Alabama,
  burned, April 4, 1865
And, of course, this list does not include the thousands upon thousands of private homes, barns, farms, crops -- even farm implements -- that were plundered and burned by the yankee army's acts of terrorism.

Mackey starts right in carping on race, thus revealing his flogger post-civil rights race obsession..  He does a copy-paste of a Facebook post wherein a heritage advocate asks residents of the South to help out a northern friend wanting to move south. The post says the northerner is looking to stay away from big cities with "diversity" problems.

Mackey sez, "Notice how 'diversity' is a bad thing, and the goal is to get away from it."  This is from a man whose county of residence, Cumberland County, PA,  is 91.5% white...  (By contrast, the county where I live is 71% white and 23% black. Hmmmm.)

I wonder whether his Facebook friend list is as blindingly white as those of some other floggers.

The stench of racial hypocrisy that wafts from flogger cyberspace will burn the rhinal cavaties raw...  (Pssst, Al -- America's most dangerous cities are also among its most diverse.)

I wonder how Mackey (and the other floggers, for that matter) would answer this question: "Is an individual preference for the dissimilar morally superior to an individual preference for the similar?" (I'll let you know how I answer this in a later post.)

In any case, Mr. Mackey looks like he'll be a very appropriate addition to the Flogging Bloggers.  I'd say "welcome" but, well, you know, I'm not really into welcoming haters and liars....


If there's one thing Brooks Simpson does really, really badly, it's lie. He does it so much, you'd think he'd get better at it. But no. After the entry above about Al Mackey's provisionary inclusion as a flogger, Simpson couldn't resist posting about me at his blog. Let's look at some of the lies -- and the truth beneath them:

(1) I found her too easy of a target, and thus boring. Translation: "She skeers me. She's less interested in history and more interested in motives, agenda and character of us "civil war" bloggers -- which won't bear much scrutiny before the "real us" comes though -- and our motives, agenda and character ain't pretty, folks."

(2) Not to feed her increasingly desperate and shrill cries for attention seemed a wise idea. Translation: "She has got me, my slimy ethics and my sleazy motives down pat. I don't want her exposing my peanut gallery of worshipful comment-thread bots to that reality."

(3) I find her blog humorous (she’s quite interested in noting my visits, perhaps because she lives for that sort of thing).  Translation: "She pisses me off to no end because she soooo has me pegged. Of course, she only made note of my visit after I lied and said I wasn't skeered of her, just bored. Obviously, I'm not bored, or I'd never visit her blog, humorous or not. And I do visit it. Often."

(4) It is something to be the object of such intense hatred, anger, and scorn from someone who apparently otherwise has problems living a life worth living. Translation: "Since I don't know anything about her life outside the internet, and I'm self-deluded about what she says and does online, I'm obviously lying again. I do know that for demonstrating intense hatred, anger and scorn, I am the undisputed and unchallenged leader. The difference between us is that I viciously attack; she vigorously defends."

(5) Make of this what you will.  Translation: "If I say stuff like this, maybe my dupes and sycophants won't 'make out of it' that she's telling the truth."

Let me close the update with a few responses directly to Brooks Devious Simpson and some of his bots: :

(A) David Tatum made no mockery of the final resting places of American fighting personnel, except for barbaric damnyankee union federalist soldiers who invaded the South for no good reason and laid it waste. And I don't for a minute believe the indignation paraded by your comment bots is genuine. It's all done to feed egos needy for the pleasurable sensation of ridiculing others.

(B) Attending a Southern college does not constitute "significant Southern ties." That's a yankee understanding of "tie" (not to mention "Southern".) Being a ninth generation Southerner, having lived all over the South, feeling an inexplicable bond with the region... these, and more, constitute significant Southern ties, although attempting to explain it further to someone who cannot understand is futile.

(C) For Simpson and his comment-bot Foskett -- I've exhibited no dishonorable humor about, and mocked no sacrifices of, men and women who fought for the freedom I enjoy. Neither of you could copy and paste said dishonorable humor or mockery if your life depended on it, because it doesn't exist.  (Foskett, what do you know about Love at Lake Lucy? Nothing? Following in your idol Simpson's footsteps in judging something you know nothing about? Exactly what I'd expect from a prejudiced bigot such as yourself.)

(D) Simpson, your comment, " takes a special kind of person to harbor such intense hatred for everyone else..." is a marvelously candid self-revelation for you!  I'm surprised you'd do it! No, really!  Oh, I'm not surprised you'd attempt to dishonestly project it onto someone else, though.  Even your "...especially when she lacks a following of her own. It’s called envy … a very bitter envy," is self-revealing. I have a following. It's small, but growing, and made of good, decent folks. I'd much rather have my following than yours. Believe me, I am not a bit envious of your bots who betray their need to boost their egos with ridicule of others. You can have 'em.

(E) As for how my white ancestors treated the Cherokee -- some of 'em married 'em.  I'm surprised you'd link to your false "research" into my family. Aside from the fact that doing "research" into my family history is bizarre on the face of it, indeed, bordering on unhinged, I've already proved that your research is artfully crafted to leave out facts and truth ... in other words, it's the deceitful fruit of your overwhelming desire to mock and deride me for the enjoyment of  your bots. It had to be for them because it didn't insult me since I already knew the truth about Benjamin Chastain....For the curious, see How a Professor of History Does ... History?

Remember, folks.  Stay with me.  This is headed somewhere real, real good.

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