Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Texas, Black Holes Are BIG!

Indeed. Especially when you consider that the black hole of rank dishonesty formed by Andy, his "era" blog and his circuit-riding visits to other flogger comment threads already fills the whole flippin' state.


  1. Do you not find hypocrisy in referring to Andy as a "flogger" and then attacking him rather than his argument?

  2. Nope. He is a flogger, using the criteria I created for that term -- he verbally flogs Southern heritage folks on his "era" blog simply for not "interpreting" history the way he thinks they ought to. He sometimes attacks their actual mistakes about history, but the fact that he attacks them for having a different view of history makes him a flogger. And sometimes, his attacks are dishonest, as I have pointed out before, on my blog.

    As far as his "argument" about Beck and Barton, I couldn't care less. I didn't know who David Barton is -- had to Google him. And I didn't watch Beck on TV, so I'm sure not gonna waste my time watching him on an internet video debating somebody I never heard of until now.

  3. In this very post he attacks their "arguments" to demonstrate how asinine their comments are. He proves them wrong in the post, and you think this is interpretation?

    Thanks for admitting at least that you don't even know the material he is arguing against. You are simply, in your terms, flogging the "flogger," simply to do it.

  4. But what about the 9 out of 10 times where Andy is right and the southern heritage folks are wrong...and provably wrong about something historical?

  5. Rob, I'm using "interpretation" the way Kevin Levin does. If you don't like it, take it up with him.

    Let me try to explain it again. I don't CARE if he proves Beck and Barton wrong. I don't care about Beck and Barton.

    My concern is when Andy dishonestly attacks Confederate heritage folks. I think it's interesting that he disapproves of Beck and Barton's dishonesty enough to post about it on his blog, when he does the same thing to others from time to time.

    In fact, I thought it was interesting enough to post about it on my blog.

  6. Corey, when have you seen me attack Andy in those cases, hummmm? I don't usually comment on his posts about history at all, when they're really about history. Or yours or Levin's or Simpsons, for that matter. Go through my blog and try to find posts where I've done that. You won't find many, if any at all.

    What I attack floggers (and their comment-thread followers) for is for their attacks on Confederate heritage and folks in that community. Most of their attacks of that kind are NOT, that's N-O-T, motivated by a desire to correct historical error but by malice and hatred. Such attacks are personal because they are motivated by a desire to trash and hurt people -- to impugn their motives, to portray them as mental deficients, as totally ignorant, as immoral and wicked.

  7. If you have to lie to make your point, then your point is itself a lie. Anyone who lies whether in words or pixels is a liar and unworthy of the consideration of decent people. Christ said that the devil "...was a liar and a murder from the beginning." Notice He puts liar FIRST. Why? Because a liar kills (or attempts to kill) the truth and without truth, there is no civilization.


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