Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Orwell Huxley Rag

"Orwell Huxley Rag" from the CD "Politically Incorrect" by Larry Smith. This song was written during the 1990s, during the Clinton Regime, but it's even more appropos now, I think. "Pete, Tom and Dan" refers to Peter Jennings, Tom Brokow, and Dan Rather -- anchors for network news in the '90s. Other than that, nothing much has changed -- except for getting worse.

Many thanks to Brenda and Larry Smith for permission to make a video to go with Larry's marvelously, richly satirical song! I did it solely because I wanted people to hear the fantastic lyrics.

I'm afraid my video/images don't do it justice, and hopefully, one day, I can do the video over, and give the song the images and animation it deserves! But meantime, enjoy as is!


  1. When has the government ever come around and taken the guns we have now? Just answer me that one question.

    Day, Month and Year...please!

  2. Good Lord, Corey, it's a flippin' song that incorporates motifs from two dystopian-future novels --NOVELS, THAT MEANS FICTION -- Brave New World by Auldous Huxley and 1984 by George Orwell. Gee, the title didn't give you a hint? And you call yourself an educator?

  3. The song was not written as fiction. I still want to know when the government ever tried to take anyone's guns?

    Your comment about this being about fiction is bunk. It may fit you novels but the song claims the government is/did take our guns and I want to know when and where.


  4. The song was not written as fiction? How do you know this? Do you know Larry Smith? Did he tell you this?

  5. BTW, Corey, look up these terms, do a little reading about them:

    (1) Satire
    (2) Parody
    (3) Sarcasm
    (4) Irony
    (5) Burlesque exaggeration

    In my blog post, did you happen to see where I called the song "marvelously, richly satirical"?

    BTW, Corey, in the USA, lobotomies were performed in the 20th century for psychiatric illness; they have never been used to turn people into docile "beta" workers.

    Not fiction? Yer nuts.

  6. Not written as fiction!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! What an idiot!


  7. "We don't need no education
    We don't need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers leave them kids alone"

  8. Does anyone know how to contact Larry Smith?


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