Thursday, January 10, 2013

Losers ... And Winners

Brooks Devious Simpson and his comment-thread myrmidons are at it again -- attempting to mischaracterize a Facebook group of 1,800+ members by the comments of a handful of members -- in this case, three. Count 'em -- three (3) t-h-r-e-e.

I have to wonder why a professor of history at a major state university is so concerned about comments of private citizens on a social network. It's not like the SHPG people have access to rooms full of college students, year after year, awaiting indoctrination, like he does.

I also have to wonder if Simpson and his commenters are so unsure of the morality of their own beliefs and positions that they feel compelled to find people online they can feel superior to -- and say so, in comment threads. Oh, they may not say outright, "See how morally superior I and my beliefs are? See?  See?" But the message comes through loud and clear.

Congratulations to Nick Saban, AJ McCarron and the Alabama Crimson Tide on their National Championship victory over the "Fighting Irish" of Notre Dame -- the team transparently favored by the establishment sports press.  Looks like the cracker @$$holes with the grandiose name showed once again that they are among the Winners of the World!

"The Luck Stops Here" graphic from

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