Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Slow Road Back

Since early summer, Mayish or Junish -- I don't remember exactly when it started -- I've been slowed down by some minor chronic health concerns. Minor in the sense that they're not life-threatening.

But physically, the condition did slow me down considerably. The problem wrought havoc on my ability to sleep and rest and suppressed my appetite (but, alas, didn't result in much weight loss) and also threw a damper on my writing  -- novels and related writing, my blogs and other pursuits such as my author services business, Word Slinger Boutique. After posting on Facebook, I often had no energy or interest in other writing.

I managed to slog through now and then.  I completed several projects for Word Slinger customers and finally got Sweet Southern Boys finished, but didn't complete the video trailer until a few days ago.

The solution provided in mid-summer by my doctor -- a medication typically prescribed for this malady -- was temporary, as he told me it would be. But I have continued learning about the condition on my own and have tried various remedies found online. As a result, the problem has gradually and  intermittently improved since early winter.  I've sent prayers of thanks to God for this blessing -- and prayers of supplication that the improvement continue. 

I've also felt a gradual and intermittently renewed interest in, and enthusiasm for, my writing pursuits, including this blog. I'm considering several changes to Backsass and hope to implement the first one -- Blogger Pages -- soon.  And there are several subjects I've started to cover and hope to get back to (the Flogger's obsession with Tripp Lewis, for example).  So be sure to check back.

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